Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unexplained 'Fertility'

For the record- I HATE the word infertility. I refuse to have it as part of my identity, as it implies there is a flaw somewhere- and ladies, if you are in this "world," the LAST thing we need is to feel flawed by medical terminology.

Take "unexplained infertility" (which is a SUPER raw spot for me- I still remember vividly the day my regular OB 'labeled' me this, and I promptly went home to sob for hours, telling myself I would NEVER get pregnant b/c- news alert! I had unexplained infertility!) Why not call it "unexplained FERTILITY?" As in- maybe your fertility is hard to explain, but it is definitely there....being a bit of a stubborn a-hole, but there! We don't call a current college student "uneducated" or "incapable" of learning as they are in the process of getting their degree. They are in the process of getting educated, just as I like to think we are in the process of getting pregnant. Puts a much more positive spin on the whole thing.

The whole fertility road is such a sensitive one- laden with fear-filled land mines. Watch where you step-- you might have endometriosis! Your eggs might be too old! Your hormones might be awry! Your uterus might be hostile! And of course, the good 'ole favorite: You might be too stressed out!

Ok docs- why don't YOU take some responsibility for being part of the reason we are so stressed out? Between the blood tests & vaginal exams, the depressing statistics & hormone overriding drugs, we ladies have a lot on our plates. Maybe if the medical world gave us more spa like options, we'd have more favorable results. Visits might include a full body massage & foot scrub; aromatherapy candles & soothing music; chocolates & champagne. Instead of coming home to our partners fear stricken with our pulse racing & hair falling out, we'd return refreshed, rejuvenated, & hopeful.

A girl can dream, no?