Sunday, May 27, 2018

22 Months!

Sweet Eloise Jane, you are now 22 months old!

The past month has seen you exerting more and more of your fiery independence, and you seem to save your most epic tantrums for me.  You continue to be wicked smart, with a strong determination to do things your way. You are also sensitive, snugly, funny, and sweet as they come- depending on your mood in a given moment.

Here are your 22 month updates!

How old? 22 months

How big?

We were at a dinner party yesterday with friends who have an almost 3 year old. This little girl has always been tall for her age, and lo and behold- you two were the SAME HEIGHT.  Giant baby indeed!

The kid crew at the dinner party

You can wear 4t and 5t shorts, and 2t-3t tops fit you best. You feel as heavy as your 5.5 year old sister, and I think you are catching up to her at warp speed!


Not much new here- you're still great at #2's on the potty and will pee in the potty if you have to go, but if your diaper is on, you'll happily pee in it for convenience's sake. Having said that, at the dinner party yesterday you were running around naked most of the night and twice told me you had to go potty-then peed on their big toilet! I was happy to see you had some good party manners.


This past month you've been more vocal about wanting to eat at the big table. You also greatly prefer to eat naked (really, to do ANYTHING naked!). I'm definitely choosing my battles with you these days!


So, so many! You are now talking in little sentences most of the time: "Go Lily's house." "See Mr. Ben!" "Doggie no have diaper." Etc, etc.

You also love to sing! Here are a couple videos of songs from this past month:


Once you're settled into bed you do great and sleep soundly. It's that settling in part that is my challenge! With anyone else you seem to go down easily; however, with me, you like to drag things out and fuss and cry and delay. I've been enlisting Iyla to help with nap times, having her get in your bed with you to sing and read books. Sometimes it works, sometimes not- depending on your mood.

Here's a cute series of you stalling bedtime by snuggling in Iyla's floor bed:


We continue to patch you 2 hours/day, and you are doing as well as can be expected with that! You still love to rip off your glasses and patch when upset or when riding in the car, but other than that are rolling with it. I also just ordered you the next size up in glasses, as you are definitely growing daily and appear to need a bigger pair!

New this Month:

*You have been VERY resistant about getting into your car seat. One day this past month you climbed into Iyla's forward facing seat, and due to the fact that i didn't want to force a battle with you, I strapped you in and let you stay there. Iyla thought it was super fun and funny to sit rear-facing in YOUR seat, and- well- that's how you both sit in the car every day now. 

It's so funny to me how things like this showcase your different personalities: You are a dog person, strong, determined, stubborn, out in the world- and ready to forward face! Iyla is a cat person- more introverted, rule follower, needs quiet time- happy to go back to a cozy rear-facing car seat.

*We got a new swing! You and Iyla LOVE this thing, and take turns independently and together, your favorite thing being fast "twisties."

*You now attend school 3x/week! Shortly after you started at your sweet little preschool, we got the call that an additional 2 days were opening up. I hadn't planned on sending you 3 days/week until summer- but we couldn't pass up the spot! And you are loving it. It's been a seamless transition for you, and you are always excited to "Go see Ben!"

In your first full week at school you were sent home with an "incident" report. It appears another very young little boy was attempting to get your attention through biting. You had a nice little bite mark on your upper arm for several days, but happily there have been no more incidents!

Here are a few photos of a party your school had this week, complete with aerial yoga & watermelon! In just two weeks, Iyla will be joining you at this school for 3 days/week for the summer.

Speaking of Iyla, you adore her. You've taken to following her around like a shadow, and you two are starting to play more and more together. It's mostly super sweet, but Iyla also frequently gets annoyed with you, which usually escalates to her yelling at you, you crying, and me having to referee.

Here's a series of photos of you in Iyla-adoration mode:

Wearing her sweaters

Dressing up in ballet clothes together

Messing with her

Having to be physically pried away from her theater class

You love Iyla's friend Sabine as much as Iyla does!

Always wanting to play next to her

And much to your chagrin Iyla often puts up toy barriers between you

Here's a few more photos from your past month:

We love you Weezy Jane! Happy 22 months to you sweet girl.