Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eloise's Birthday

Eloise had such a fun 1st birthday! She thoroughly enjoyed every single part of her day, starting with a plethora of BALLOONS:

We then gave Eloise a few presents from Mama and Papa. I must say, Iyla Grace did NOT like Eloise getting presents while she got none! This is the first time ever we've observed any semblance of jealousy from Iyla toward her little sister. With each present Eloise received, Iyla would snatch it away and become sulky and ornery when asked to give it back. Eloise fussed a little when Iyla took each gift but recovered quickly through distraction. This may be the only year Iyla gets away with usurping Eloise's presents, and I've made a mental parenting note to try some new techniques next year to better involve Iyla.

 Eloise, I promise we intended these for you!

Big sister moves in for the steal....

It was then time to set up for the party! Here's a peek at some of our decorations:

 This is the closest we got to her wearing that hat! 
When I tried it on her she immediately started to cry, so at least I knew ahead of time NOT to put that on for the party.

After Eloise awoke from her afternoon nap, I put her in her official birthday dress and had BC take photos of she and I together. I have some adorable shots from when Iyla turned one and wanted to be sure Eloise and I had some from her 1st birthday as well! They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself:

BC also took several photos of us walk walk walking around. Pretty much what this kid wants to do all day every day!

Then it was party time! I took a couple photos of the birthday girl before the guests arrived:

In addition to walking, this is Eloise's other happy place: atop Papa's shoulders!

The birthday girl absolutely LOVED being doted on by all of our family and friends.

She also LOVED having her first official cupcake! Why was I not surprised? This kid went ALL IN.

Big sister adores cupcakes too!

For present time, Eloise insisted on sporting her rock star sunglasses (which don't stay on so well with that little button nose!), and Iyla continued to steal pretty much every gift as soon as it was opened:

"Let me just steal that help you with that, Eloise."

Such a special day celebrating our baby girl. Happy Birthday sweet Eloise Jane!