Monday, December 24, 2012

WSJ Update & a Holiday Photo Shoot

Iyla Grace is 6 weeks old today! And last night she hit a HUGE sleep milestone- only waking one time in the middle of the night to nurse. She went to sleep at 8:30pm and didn't wake again until 5 hours later at 1:30! At 4:30 her usual mid-sleep grunting began, and after rocking her Rock n Play a few times she stayed asleep until 6:30. A-mazing. This may be due to her having had a very alert day yesterday and also wearing herself out with a bit of fussy screaming last night, but I am hopeful that we begin seeing more and more nights like this.

On another note- if interested, we are published in The Wall Street Journal today! Right smack in the middle of page 3- an article on paying off debt. BC and I both don't like how we look in the picture- we joked he that he looks like a woman & I think my thighs look 10x bigger than normal. And I am pretty sure Iyla is screaming in that shot- hence her being turned away from the camera. : )  Here is the link- though you unfortunately can't see the article online unless you subscribe to the paper:

Not sure this will work any better- but here is a link to a .pdf copy a friend sent us:

I've decided I am going to start trying the Baby Wise technique of "eat, play, sleep" with Iyla- meaning I will try to keep her awake after she nurses during the day in the hopes of developing consistent nighttime sleep habits. And what better activity for our wake time today than a Holiday photo shoot?

Another photo shoot?!

Iyla cooperated for about 5 minutes before I had to pull in the big guns- her Wannanub pacifier. I had to alternate shots with the pacifier in her mouth, quickly pulling it out- taking another shot- replace, repeat.  

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Sleepy Day

After having her crazy awake/alert day, yesterday Iyla slept the day away. She slept her way through a visit to my coffee shop and to the chiropractor. In the afternoon I had a scheduled OBGYN postpartum visit, and knew we'd be tempting fate by bringing her along. Sure enough, within minutes of arriving, she awoke in full fussy colic GLORY. Sweet!

"Hi everyone! Come meet our new baby. Don't mind the screaming- she's just excited to see you."

Luckily BC had come to the visit with me, and while we waited for Dr. Campaigne I fed her and we did full on "calm baby quick" techniques. If there is one good thing about having to wait on your doctor, it is having time to quiet the baby beast!

Dr. Campaigne said all looked good with the healing of my lady parts. Regarding the peeing myself when I power walk or run, she told me to turn up those Kegal exercises! Evidently things *should* go back to normal and my bladder should start behaving itself as the muscles around it get back into shape. Here's hoping.

Another interesting thing I am noticing with my body? I am pretty darn sure I am ovulating right now... which is crazy. I had assumed I wouldn't get my monthly cycle while I was breastfeeding, but it appears that will not be the case! My mom told me she always had her regular cycles throughout breastfeeding 3 kiddos, so it looks like I am following suit. BC and I decided long ago we were going to leave things wide open for a 2nd child after Iyla was born, given she took 3 years to join us. It appears my body is down with that plan!

Iyla is having another very sleepy day today. And because I am obsessed with taking photos of my child, I bring you her day in a photo montage:

 Good morning sunshine! 
Iyla is always so sweet, smiley, & alert when she wakes up

 Then for the rest of the day we have a lot of napping going on. Here in her Rock n Play... you can see why we call her our little squish!

 Sleeping on the changing table (this was a first!)

And even on the baby potty (another first)! After taking pictures I figured leaving her there was futile- so imagine my surprise when I took her off and saw she'd done a #1 AND #2 while sleeping! That girl is good.

 Asleep after eating....

And slumbering away during our daily walk. Such a gorgeous day for it.

In closing, Iyla says: "Ole!"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick WSJ Update

Just a quick update on the "shameless plug" from yesterday- The Wall Street Journal writer told us this  morning that the article wasn't going to run in today's December 20th paper- they are aiming now for tomorrow, the 21st, but you never know with these things. Once we have confirmation of the actual run date I will post another quick  update.

House Hunters is still on for tonight!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Sleep (and a Shameless Plug)

We are still hitting pretty predictable nightly fuss sessions with Iyla- usually between 5:30-8pm. It is like a switch goes off and suddenly our calm, content little baby turns into an overtired, inconsolable fuss ball. We have a huge arsenal of soothing techniques, and one will work for 5-10 minutes before the crying starts again. My most successful combo goes like this:

*Swaddle screaming baby TIGHTLY with arms flat at her sides
*Pull fussing baby (whose screaming has downgraded to crying) up to my breast, lying her on her side
*Give whimpering baby a pacifier
*Make "sh-sh-shhhhhh" sounds in baby's ear while jiggling her and walking around
*Cocoon/wrap baby into Maya Ring Sling (which hopefully- ideally- is already on me before this process begins, though there have been many times that find me attempting to sling the wrap over my shoulder WHILE holding a screaming baby. Which isn't easy or recommended).

This setup allows my right hand to be free while my left supports her head in the sling. She usually calms after all these steps & will remain awake/zen for awhile (with the occasional resurgence of whimpering/crying- to which I then resume bouncing/walking/shhhh-ing). Eventually she will go to sleep in this position, though it isn't super comfortable for me for long periods and definitely gets hot in there. But it's what we got and what works for now, so I'll take it!

Last night Iyla had an awesome nights' sleep. Actually the last two nights have been a bit of a new pattern, looking loosely like this:

*8:30-9pm nurse
*Asleep by 9:30
*Wake around 11:30-12: nurse/diaper change (she did #1 and #2 on her baby potty last night!)
*Asleep by 1am
***Last night she started some grunting around 3:30am but went back to sleep until 5!! A small miracle. I thought my boobs might explode from engorgement, as neither they nor I were anticipating such a long stretch.
*Back asleep by 6am

She then slept until 8:30am, allowing me to shower & start breakfast before she got up! That marks two mornings in a row where her last sleep cycle started between 5-6am, so she stayed asleep until 8:30am. I am liking this very, very much... but if there is one thing I have learned, it is that the minute you think you have a new groove or schedule she changes it! We shall see.

Today she has had an extremely alert day...the first where I've seen such a long stretch of awake time. She woke at 8:30am this morning and has only taken a couple of small catnaps around 30 minutes each. Around 3:30 this afternoon I could tell she was really tired and needing a more substantial nap, so I thought I would try putting her to sleep in her actual nursery crib for the first time to see how it went. She calmed immediately upon being laid down, and I was oh so hopeful.

And here I bring you the attempted nap progression in photos:

 This is a very interesting sleep proposition you've given me....

I am quite tired....

 Does it look like I am sleeping?

 I think I have her fooled!

 Joke's on you! I'm still up

When she started fussing I picked her up again and sat with her in the nursery glider, rocking & singing. Within minutes, this was my view:

 That's what I'm talking about- I have you so well trained! Goodnight.

Can't say I minded cuddling with this sweet little lady

And now for the shameless plug!

Thursday looks to be an auspicious day for the Lambert family. We were interviewed & photographed yesterday for The Wall Street Journal on an article they are running about refinancing home mortgages. That article is *supposed* to run in tomorrow's paper (for Thursday, December 20th). We are keeping our fingers crossed it does actually run, and are interested to read the article & see what photo/photos they chose! The photographer was here for an hour following the three of us around, trying to capture 'an average day.' I actually recognized the photographer when he arrived due to a couple mutual friends- he used to date a client of mine and also is friends with one of my real estate colleagues! Small world.

Another awesome bonus? It sounds like we will get access to all of those photos once the article runs. SCORE! We haven't gotten any pictures of our family together since Iyla was born, so this pretty much equates to a free photo shoot. And I love the photo journalistic style (vs. staged portraits)- so these should be right up our alley.

Also? The House Hunters episode I filmed last year for HGTV is running again tomorrow night (December 20th)- at 7:30 eastern/6:30 central time. Check it out if you haven't yet seen it- it is a really cute episode with clients of mine who were looking to buy here in East Austin near where I live. We had a blast filming it!

So there you have it. I may be featured in National print AND on National TV tomorrow. And Iyla may also be making her National newspaper debut!

Keeping fingers crossed that Iyla has another good night tonight so we are all refreshed for the exciting day tomorrow. : )

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventures in Colic, Baby Potties, & Cloth Diapers. Plus- How to Piss Off Your Sleeping Baby

Iyla had her one month appointment on Friday. I talked at length with her doctor about the fussiness, wondering if I should consider cutting out dairy or trying other techniques to help curb the colic. Our Pediatrician said from everything I told her it sounded like Iyla was having the normal bout of an immature digestive system (present in all newborns and peaking around 4-6 weeks)- and that some babies are more sensitive than others to this. She didn't think eliminating foods in my diet was necessary (yay!), and that Iyla would eventually grow out of this.

I will say that Iyla has seemed better the last couple of days. I have been putting her to sleep in a somewhat inclined position after feedings in her Rock n' Play sleeper instead of flat on her back, and am hoping that this might be part of what is helping. I read that some babies can have "silent reflux,' which is basically reflux without any obvious signs like spitting up/etc. Iyla definitely has the hiccups a LOT & does have an audibly rumbling tummy at times, so I am all for her sleeping inclined if that helps her little system digest better as it matures.

Iyla weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 21 1/8 inches tall at her one month checkup. She is now at the 50th percentile for height, and still 'petite' at the 8-9th percentile for weight. Future Supermodel?

Working on her best "Blue Steel"

Sam wanted to get in the mix- he is definitely off the charts with his weight!

I made the official switch over to cloth diapers about 4 days ago, and have been LOVING the 'Lil Joey Newborn All-In-Ones. They definitely are not cheap, but we will be able to use them with future kiddos and they do excellent on the cloth diaper resale market. They are super soft, super easy, and super adorable!

One added bonus of starting the cloth diapers? Iyla has been ROCKING the baby potty since making the switch. I am not sure if a direct correlation can be made, but ever since I started the cloth I would say 8 times out of 10 when I put her on the potty during diaper changes she will do a #1 or #2 or both! I am finding her diapers dry more and more often, and wonder if the material in these 'Lil Joeys helps her be extra aware of her system. We have been using the BABYBJORN Smart Potty, and I have one for each of her changing stations. I pull out the small white inside bowl and hold her by the armpits on top of it, making "pssssss" and "ppppppp" sounds to cue her while she is there. She is typically very still & alert, and will wiggle and fuss when done. 

And to add to the embarrassing photos we are stockpiling to blackmail her with in her teen years, I present to you Iyla on the potty:

My mother is so rude

I also discovered an AWESOME way to piss off your sweet sleeping baby. I attempted to get a handprint for Iyla's baby book while she was slumbering away- and let's just say it did NOT go well. She woke up almost immediately screaming bloody murder and proceeded to get ink everywhere. Project FAIL! 

And of course I paused to take pictures

This afternoon I am getting some much anticipated "me" time and heading out for a massage. I had two ocular migraines yesterday, which definitely points to my body being off again. It's insane the physical toll carrying & nursing a baby can take!

But you, sweet little one, are totally worth it

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Month Old!

It's 12-12-12 today, and Iyla's official "One Month" milestone! Here's what she thinks about that:

Sad Reindeer. 
Someone is a little embarrassed by the hat mom chose...

On to her one month updates and highlights!

Feeding: Iyla continues to be a great nurser! I JUST figured out how to get her to nurse on the left side without choking- it was as simple as changing her position. Instead of doing the football hold where she is sitting upright, I have been laying her across my body in a side lying position- and *knocking on wood* she hasn't choked yet! And at her last feeding she ONLY fed on that side and totally snuffed her previously beloved right side- to which I had to do a sympathy pump session (lest it get engorged). She eats about every 3 hours 'round the clock.

Sleeping: She is still taking power naps almost constantly throughout the day- waking to feed & check out the world a bit before conking out again. She is also an extremely noisy sleeper! The sounds that come out of this little thing amaze me- grunts, cries, whimpers, and an occasional mid-sleep shriek. Yesterday was actually the first day I heard her elicit sounds (while she was awake) that were different from her typical grunts. A couple sweet lady like coos snuck out, and I look forward to more of those as she expands her baby vocabulary!

Iyla seems to have a consistent alert time in the morning after she wakes where for a couple hours she is awake, alert, & calm- with a Zen kind of look on her face and a sweet serene quiet about her. We had a bath yesterday morning during this reflective time, and you can see by her little face the sweet calm that comes over her:

Colic? What colic? My those birds are beautiful....

Mood/Temperament: When in her calm, contented state Iyla is still a very laid back, gentle spirit. Her feist is there, however, and comes out when she isn't happy about something or when the dreaded COLIC sneaks in. After my last post about the really LONG night, the following evening she had a pretty monumental scream fest. Poor BC was loving on her & trying to calm her, but it appears she just wants mama during those times. I think she wore herself out b/c she actually slept 4.5 hours after it- an amazing record for her! Both mama and baby were happy & productive yesterday as a result. Last night we were back to the 'normal' waking every 3 hours- including another fuss period around 2am. 

I had a photo shoot with Iyla yesterday to document her 1st month. She cooperated for a little while  and I managed to get a few cute shots of our little bean:

I attempted a wardrobe change into an adorable dress I keep pretending might finally fit her. We didn't make it through many shots before Iyla decided she was and showed me as such by attempting to eat the dress:

And here are a few outtakes from the session, which I like to call "The Evolution of a Model Meltdown:"

Iyla and I went back to the chiropractor today. I have been feeling like I am about to throw my back out for the first time in YEARS, and was also curious if an adjustment might help with the colic. She had begun to fuss in her car seat when Dr. Ron took her. Her little eyes popped open as he gently worked reflex points on her back (he said babies actually adjust themselves- he just stimulates the necessary reflex points). As he worked, she broke out into the biggest smile! It was so adorable! Then he worked on her front around her stomach to adjust to alleviate some of the colic discomfort. Another huge smile! Then she passed out hard & peacefully in her car seat. Amazing. Even if it doesn't do anything toward the actual colic, it was worth it to see how much she enjoyed her birthday pampering!

Sad reindeer becomes peaceful reindeer after her adjustment

At one month postpartum I am now just about 9.5-10 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight, and definitely still have a squishy muffin top. My maternity jeans are baggy on me and my regular jeans are REALLY tight, so depending on my mood on a given day I rock the baggy or tight look. I tried my trusty 'squeeze test' in the mirror today and saw an ever so slight deflection- but the overall test results point to my hips still being quite a bit wider, hence my jeans being quite a bit tighter (not to mention with the widening my thighs happily filled in the difference!)

I've been getting out and power walking with Iyla as often as I can, which feels great to my body. What doesn't feel great? Peeing myself every.time.we.walk. Seriously. What IS that? It isn't like a full bladder gush but every few blocks or so there is a mini gush that makes me suddenly go "OH!" and walk a little faster. I hope this is something that resolves itself as I tone those pelvic muscles- until then, I might need to invest in some adult diapers.

But since this post is meant to focus on Iyla-  I leave you with a few more photos of our big ONE MONTH OLD girl. We love you so much Iyla Grace!