Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Month Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are yesterday you were officially ONE MONTH OLD!

(And I so tried to get this out in time... but you like to be in my arms all.the.time which definitely delays things).

This last month has both flown by and gone at a snail's pace... it seems like you've always been here, as it is hard to imagine our life without you in it.

You are pure sugar and spice... sugar in that you are the cuddliest baby EVER and always want to be held (and don't we DARE put you down!). Spice because you definitely have a LOUD voice and let it be known when you are not happy! Basically if you are not fed, changed, & in someone's arms or SOUND ASLEEP in a bed- you get mad.

You appear to have long arms & legs like your Papa & sister, and the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes (just like your Papa! You seem to favor him thus far).

Our sweet beautiful girl

Here are your one month updates! (And just for fun, here are your sister's 1 month updates to compare to: http://thequestforlittlelambies.blogspot.com/2012/12/one-month-old.html )

How big? BIG! It shocks me to have a one month old baby who is already fitting into 3 month old clothing. Your big sister was always SO tiny and wore clothes sizes below her age; you are just the opposite! I've been digging into Iyla's 3-6 month old clothes bin and finding lots of things that already fit you.

We had your one month appointment today, and you weighed in at TEN pounds (up to the 70th percentile!), 22.5 inches (98th percentile) with a head circumference of 15 inches (95th %). Your sister? She was 7#3 ounces at HER one month appointment- right about your birth weight! ; ) She was 21 1/8 inches tall, so her stats were 8% and 50% respectively. I wonder how quickly you might catch up to your "big" sister in height and weight as you grow throughout the years!

Here's your sister in the SAME dress at the same age! You can see the size difference:

Sleep? For the first several weeks it wasn't uncommon for you to be up EVERY SINGLE HOUR throughout the night, with us sometimes getting a glorious two hour stretch. However, in the past week I've seen several 3-3.5 hour stretches, and am starting to experiment with bedtime routines toward better rest. I'm grateful at the very least that you tend to go back to sleep pretty easily throughout the night (as long as I hold you until you are sound asleep!)

Right now our evening routine looks like this: nurse, Gripe Water, bath, swaddle, nurse again, then give you as much of a pumped bottle as you'll take. I'm trying to get that little tummy as full as possible before your initial bedtime! Not sure if it is making a difference, but I'm going to keep at it.

Last night? You were up SIX times.... so... it's slow going on the sleep front.

 An example of a typical night's feeding- and this just shows the times after midnight! There are usually 1-2 more sessions after you initially go down around 8pm.

However, you tend to sleep GREAT during the day....

 This is how I feel most days!

Food? You LOVE to eat. All.the.time. You are a voracious nurser and also happily gulp down pumped bottles. I am so grateful you have no issues with the bottle; basically if something has milk in it you'll take it! You are not a huge fan of the pacifier... it tends to work best JUST after nursing to soothe you, then pops right out once you fall asleep.

You definitely prefer nursing on my left side, which is the "super producer" and appears to flow faster than the right. You get annoyed waiting for the trickle on the right, wrestling your head back and forth in protest. What's funny to me is in looking back at Iyla's one month updates she was just the opposite! She HATED the fast & intense left side, preferring the more gentle right. And this is totally reflective of your personalities thus far: you appear to be very strong, robust, & voracious; Iyla is more slow, gentle, & cautious (though you both have a lot of FEIST in you!).

 You are getting some awesome chins!


*You LOVE to snuggle. You will inch up and nestle your little head right below my chin, or cuddle cheek to cheek- and when I rest my lips on your forehead it instantly calms you into a deep sigh. You love to be held all day every day. This is so sweet and cozy and also difficult, as I truly have to slow down and let go of getting anything else done. Thankfully you are a big fan of baby wearing wraps, as it means you are essentially constantly being cuddled while in a carrier. And bonus for me to have free hands when you're in there!

 Why yes I DO take a lot of snuggling selfies with you! You're too darn cute not to, and this is usually how we spend 99% of the day.

"Don't you put me down!"

*Like most babies your age, you love staring at ceiling fans and anything that has very distinct light/dark contrasts.

*You love your bath once you are in it- but HATE post bath drying off. This ties in with your extreme dislike of being changed (clothes OR diaper) and being futzed with in general. I am noticing that the wet wipes REALLY upset you, so I just ordered a "wipe warmer"- hoping that this will help make it less shocking for you. You definitely hate being cold!

 Scenes from your very first bath on August 12th! Your eyes were WIDE open the entire time.

 The calm before the post-bath storm

*You HATE the car unless you happen to be sound asleep. If you are awake you vehemently scream in protest- it's so sad to listen to!

*You also have hated the couple of times I've tried to hold you over the baby potty (Elimination Communication style)... so... that technique may not be as successful for you.

Big sister? Oh does your big sister ADORE you! There hasn't been ONE moment of jealousy toward you; Iyla constantly wants to know where you are and loves talking to you and holding your hands and feet. I hope you two end up being good buddies.

At your one month appointment today the nurse asked Iyla how her baby sister was, and she replied: "She's doing really well. But she cried in the car." Then as you started crying when the nurse listened to your heart Iyla put her hand on top of yours and it instantly soothed you.


All my girls!
 Scenes from our first solo day together... we are slowly but surely getting into the groove as a family of four.

 Your first time helping take Iyla to school

 She really can't get enough of you

 Because you are SUCH a snuggler, it's been hard for me to spend time with Iyla, so I've been taking her on Mama/Iyla dates when able (while you snuggle with our nanny or Papa). It's been so good for both Iyla and I to have this time together!

 Mimi and Grampy came to town again to love on you and Iyla. We loved having them!

 We'll be starting you in swim lessons when you are 6 months old just like your big sister.

Iyla starts her new "Big Girl School" this week- full time! I am excited for her and also looking forward to having that daily time with you at home.


*My postpartum weight loss is SLOW this time around- I haven't lost much since 1 week postpartum and am currently 18 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am excited to be able to get out walking again.... and someday when you let me put you down for longer stretches I"ll also fold in some yoga!

*I'm still having postpartum bleeding that is very light and more like spotting. It comes and goes throughout the day.

*My left hand constantly falls numb and tingly throughout the day, and sometimes during the night it gets really tight and achy as well. My masseuse friend said it sounds like a nerve issue- where something is getting pinched. It's very bizarre and uncomfortable, and I am hoping that once I start to strengthen up and stretch more this will get better.

*I am pretty much freezing all the time. The postpartum night sweating has mostly eased up (thank God!) but my body thermostat has definitely adjusted to the way opposite extreme than where it was during pregnancy.

*I am sleepy but happy... and getting used to living in a sleepy state. It's amazing how the body adjusts and how just a one hour stretch throughout the night can feel rejuvinating (thank goodness, because 1-2 hour stretches are about all I am getting)!

*KNOCKING ON WOOD: I haven't had ONE migraine since having you... which is amazing. Here's hoping my body chemistry somehow changed in that department and STAYS that way!

*I've been crazy busy with work and have THREE closings this week (you attended one with me on your 1 month birthday proper- your very first!) After everything closes up I plan to take at least a few months to fully relax and be present with you before handling any more business directly.

And now for an extreme photo montage, starting with the darling results from our photo shoot a couple of weeks ago:


And a few last Mama shots from the past week:

Happy 1 month sweet Eloise Jane! We are so happy to have you in the world and look forward to all the adventures ahead. We love you!