Monday, April 8, 2019

December Adventures

Here are a few of my favorite photos from December, as I continue to catch up on this blog!

Our little thumb sucker in her car seat:

Iyla was in a performance of The Wiz with The Adderley School:

BC gets some of the cutest photos EVER on his mornings out with the girls:

Here's Eloise in action at her preschool (photo by her teacher):

And making mischief, always:

Cutie-pie Iyla, who continues to smile with her mouth wide open:

Eloise on a fun morning out to the zoo:

Iyla in her element:

A donut and pajama party for friend Myles' birthday:

Play date with Iyla's older Montessori besties, Eila and Fiona:

During Christmas break, we took a little 3 night getaway to San Antonio with the girls. Our friends Kathryn and Kaia joined for a couple of nights, and we all had fun exploring the river walk, local kids museum, and beautiful restaurants in the area:

 Eloise was OBSESSED with this robot!

On New Year's Eve we hosted our annual party, and this year was the biggest turnout yet! Here's a shot from the evening which was pretty much how it all felt:

The girls decided to wear their Christmas dresses again for the celebration:

We started at 5pm with the "bring your kids" portion of the evening. This involved a mock NYE countdown with sparkling apple cider at 6:30pm, followed by fireworks in the alley. We had around 25 kids and their parents show up, so you can imagine the chaos, craziness, & fun that entailed! 

Closer to 9pm the night shift started, where friends who had sitters or no kiddos came by. We celebrated well into the night, with our bellies full of cocktails and laughter. It was a wonderful way to ring in 2019, and a lovely end to all of our December adventures!

Christmas 2018

Christmas season is a definite favorite in our house, and this year we did ALL THE THINGS!

There were gingerbread houses:

Matching pajamas:

 Elf on the shelf (and an Elf costume):

Visits to see Santa in person (this was the first year Eloise didn't cry! She was obviously nervous and stiff as a board in his lap, but held it together):

Rewarded afterwords with her "candy-can" and a hug from big sister:

We decorated the house:

Took our annual photo in front of The Driskill Christmas tree:

Baked cookies:

And of course had multiple holiday celebrations, the first of which was at Mimi and Grampy's in Houston:

 This is what a Texas Christmas looks like!

Laughing at the Mimi booty

We went over to my Aunt Sheri's for an afternoon Christmas celebration, where my cousin Heather took some gorgeous photos of everyone (last 3 below):

Then before you knew it, the night before Christmas was here! Iyla made sure to leave a note, cookies, carrots, & milk for Santa and his reindeer:

 (and yes, yes she does smile with her mouth wide open these days!)

Presents were wrapped:

Santa came by:

And the girls had a fun morning opening presents and playing with all of their new things:

Then it was time to get ready for our own party! We host Christmas Day with my family each year, and the girls were excited to put on their fancy dresses and celebrate:

Watching for Mimi and Grampy to arrive:

My parents stayed an extra night (thanks Mom and Dad!) so Lance and I could take our annual Driskill Hotel overnight together:

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!