Monday, April 23, 2018

Baby Reunion

On Sunday, the Mama group I was a part of just after Eloise was born had an informal reunion at a local park. The last time I'd seen everyone was when the babes were 7 months old!

Here is our original group baby photo, taken when Eloise was 8 weeks old (she's 2nd to right):

And here's part of the group at the 7 month get together (Eloise again 2nd to right):

Here's the first shot from our gathering this weekend, where we quickly realized trying to corral seven 1.5 year olds was going to be IMPOSSIBLE:

So we promptly scooped up the kids, handed the camera to one of the dads, and got our photo (Eloise is on the end):

 This shot truly shows how fast Eloise is catching up to me in height!

It is so much fun to watch these sweet kiddos grow up!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

21 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are 21 months old!

Lately you are a force to be reckoned with. You're having very BIG feelings about just about everything, and if you don't immediately get what you want you will crumple to the ground in a tantrum. You continue to want to do things BY SELF, including things you aren't yet capable of doing by yourself, like putting on your clothes (though you CAN get shirts over your head!) or buckling your own car seat. That is very frustrating for you (and for me!).

Here's some recent examples of trying things BY SELF:

Squeezing a pouch BY SELF

Carrying your balloon BY SELF
(which as of photo time was floating up into the sky)

You love to make others laugh with your faces and silliness. You'll recall people you love and say things like "Kathryn- funny!" and giggle. You love to sing and dance, preferably while completely naked. You enjoy people and adventures, though still aren't a huge fan of the car.

Here are your official 21 month updates!

How old? 21 months today.

How big? I put you on the scale with me this week, and it appears you are now 28 pounds- just 8 pounds shy of your big sister Iyla!

Potty? You are still doing great telling us when you have to go #2 and doing it on the potty, and still are happy to do #1 on the floor when having naked time.

Language? You are talking SO much and have such a big vocabulary. I love when you recount events by the key words: "park! slide! weeeee! boo-boo. ouchie."

You can recite numbers in order up to 10, and love having me count things in your books.

You are also now starting to have your toys "talk" to one another and interact! So cute.

Sleep? The putting you down routine has gotten more complicated this month! You want to have your milk BY SELF on your chair, though now if I sing "Thumbelina" you'll allow me to sit next to you. You prolong getting into your bed by demanding that you want to "snuggle 'lil bit" in your chair- and I have to be very creative to get you to settle in. Lately what sometimes works is singing to you through your monitor after I leave the room (Thumbelina, of course!)

You also on occasion want Iyla to put you to bed, which is the sweetest thing in the world! This looks like her sitting and rocking in your chair with you, then getting into your crib with you to play and sing.

Vision? We had our first follow up appointment since we started patching, and all indications are that it appears to be helping! They are unable to actually measure the acuity in your left eye by numbers (like 20/20)- but the doc said due to the fact that you didn't fuss when they covered your stronger eye, that you are tolerating the 2 hours/day of patching well, and that your eyes are both tracking leads her to believe sight in the weaker eye IS improving. Hooray! We are to continue your 2 hours/day patching and go back for another appointment in August.

Favorite things:

*Naked time! You love love LOVE to be naked! You will start pulling at your shirt and say "naked naked!" and when stripped down do the CUTEST most hilarious happy naked dance. You get really mad when you request to be naked in public and I don't accommodate. Once you figure out how to get your own clothes off I have a feeling we're going to have a constantly naked toddler on our hands!

 Here you are naked with your beloved "boops" on

 And this series of photos is from a naked morning where you draped my underwear over your head and accessorized with a Santa hat

 *Swimming! Lately in swim class you just want to JUMP into the water over and over and over again, sinking down and holding your breath until I scoop you up. Not sure it's teaching much water safety at this point, but at least you definitely have a love for the water just like your sister does!

*Dogs! This one continues to amuse BC and I, since we've never owned dogs and are self declared "cat people." Iyla too is slightly terrified of dogs and much prefers felines. You, however? You have yet to meet a dog you didn't LOVE! We attended a dinner party this weekend with friends who have a dog, and you spent the majority of the time sitting and talking to the pup through it's dog door, then following it around once he was let out. You also found a stuffed dog in the house you wouldn't let go of!

Communing with your new friend Drogo

*Music! You adore your weekly music class, and love listening to music in the car. You also love to sit at our piano and plunk out tunes.

During music class, you and your bestie Simone (who is also our neighbor!) will often hold hands

 Here you are in an original rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle"

*Being outside! You could stay outdoors all day every day, no matter what the weather.

The biggest milestone this month was that you had your first day at Iyla's old preschool (1 day/week for now)! There wasn't a single tear shed upon drop off, and all updates and photos from teachers show a happy first day was had. When I picked you up you were all having popsicles and graham crackers, and a couple little friends started calling out "bye Weezie, bye Weezie!" as we left. So sweet!

Here are a few more photos from your past month:

Happy 21 months to you sweet girl! We love you!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Easter 2018

We hosted Easter again this year, and I'm happy to report there was nothing notorious about it (per our historical norm!).

Here's a peek at this year's loot:

The Saturday before Easter we hosted my family for dinner & cocktails. The girls were adorable in their matching pink dresses:

The ladies:

We were celebrating several birthdays, to include my Dad (Grampy), my cousin Shanny, and my Uncle Doug, who Iyla was SO sweet with!

The girls both absolutely adore their Mimi and Grampy, and I think the feeling is mutual:

A few more photos from our festivities:

On Easter Proper, the girls set out for an egg hunt in our back yard. Eloise found two eggs and was satisfied at that, so Iyla was able to make quite a haul on her end!

And in closing, a cute throw back to last year. We love our Easter Celebrations!