Sunday, December 13, 2015

Little Lambie 2.0

We had a whole 'lotta frou go down this past November.

Well, technically the frou began in October, when I attended an incredible seminar on the Law of Attraction. I'd been feeling pretty bitter in general about our fertility journey, and felt like I needed a really big kick in the FROU butt, and this seminar proved to be the perfect thing. From it I took away the re-realization that we have the power to affect our lives and what we bring into them. The main focus of this talk was that the Universe always says YES to whatever thought & vibration you put out there. For instance: if you truly want and believe you should have increased abundance, the universe says YES and will start to gently bring you opportunities as you tune your vibration fully to this belief. Likewise- if you broadcast a fear of not having enough money (same idea but very different vibration)- the Universe say YES, and echoes the reality of not having enough money.

Thinking back to our first IVF, I literally said from the get go that I didn't think it would work… and apparently the Universe said YES. So, moving into IVF #2- where the stakes were EXTRA high (paying everything completely out of pocket, this being our last shot with interventions)- I decided to very consciously change my attitude and DESIRE a good outcome… truly BELIEVE that this outcome would happen…then, fill my heart with as much joy as possible and let everything else go.

The first documented frou event was on one of my many drives to the Houston IVF clinic. It was a dreary, rainy day and I was listening to a Ted Talk about different forms of love. They went into a segment about how incredible the bond and love of siblings is, and -given I was in a place of wanting so much to give Iyla a sibling but not knowing if it would happen- this episode hit me hard and I started crying in the car. As I wiped my tears and focused on the road ahead, I saw a brilliant rainbow appear on the horizon. I got full on body tingles, and hoped with every ounce of my being that this might be an omen of things to come.

During this entire IVF process, I was amazed at how well my body did on all the medicine. I didn't have any crazy side effects, my progesterone behaved toward a fresh transfer, and everything just seemed to be in harmony. The fact that the actual transfer happened on the morning of my 40th birthday was icing on an already auspicious cake; I so hoped that this was another good sign of things to come.

The gorgeous sky the morning of our transfer

After transfer we entered into the 9 day waiting period. I had already decided I would not do any home pregnancy tests, preferring instead to revel in the possibility that I might be pregnant while awaiting the official blood test.

Four days into our wait it was Iyla's birthday, and while at her little dance class another Mama friend asked her if she was getting anything special for her birthday. Without missing a beat, she replied: "a brother." ????!!!! Again, the full on body tingles. Did she know something I didn't yet?

Then on the day before I was to have the blood test I visited my chiropractor. As I laid face down on the table he stopped and said to me: "are you pregnant?" Whoa. Between Iyla and this I sure hoped they were on to something! I had definitely been feeling pregnant- with a very sore chest (that had many new veins), pants that were already feeling tight, and some slight nausea. However, I knew that my body was filled with so many hormones & meds that all of these 'symptoms' could entirely be the result of those. Still I remained hopeful…


They were right. We are pregnant. With a very strong first beta of 404, followed by a great doubling two days later at 891.

I am SO grateful to Houston IVF and my fabulous doctor there, as I truly believe their protocol (coupled with all the supplements I'd been taking) made the difference this round.

Now we keep the prayers going toward a healthy and uneventful 9 months ahead! We are so excited and ready to welcome this new little buddy into our family. Go Little Lambie 2.0, go!