Saturday, July 12, 2014

20 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 20 months old! You grow up more every single day, and we are delighting in all of your new adventures. Current words I'd use to describe you include sweet, affectionate, giving, silly, focused, careful, clumsy (you fall off things a lot and seem to have two left feet!), impatient, easily frustrated, super smart, engaging, playful, routine oriented, & particular about what people you warm up to quickly & prefer to spend time with. It is so fun to watch you evolve into a little person with her own preferences, opinions, likes, & dislikes!

How old? 20 months today

How big? Here are a few with Sam…

Petting the kitty is such hard work

Teeth? You have 7: 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. You love getting your teeth brushed, and we do this 2-3x/day, usually after your milk.

Teeth and awesome hair

Food? A new love this month is what you call "meatballs." This can be either sausage taken off a pizza or breakfast sausage. You LOVE edamame, sweet corn, watermelon, blueberries, muffins, & of course your scrambled eggs.

Sleep? Still (*knocking on wood*) great and consistent. You wake around 7am, nap from 12:30-3, and go to bed at 7:30. You seem to really enjoy your quiet alone time in your crib before and/or after sleeping.

Words? Your vocabulary has continued to astound us! From what I can tell you are quite ahead of the curve with your language development. This month you went from 2 word phrases to 3-5 or more! You are also coming up with original sentences that communicate your desires, such as:

"Iyla go back Mommy's house"
"Iyla go back Mommy now."
"Be right back."
"Don't have to."

Other cute things you started this month were saying "hi, hello!" when greeting someone and saying "yeah" when we ask you questions about your day (such as: "Iyla, did you play with Veronica today?" "Yeah!"). So cute.

Your annunciation is excellent and you repeat any and everything you hear. We had 13 family members staying with us over the weekend, and you quickly learned every person's name and used them regularly. You loved looking around the room and naming people, requesting that they play games with you. You are quite the charmer!

Potty Time? I've been keeping you diaper-free pretty constantly when we are at home. You hardly have any accidents- you'll say "pee, poo!" then run to the potty and go, or if it's been awhile I'll ask if you want to go potty and you'll run in and usually pee. It definitely helps that your very favorite books are located next to your potty; you'll often will say "pee, poo!" when Papa or I are busy (eating, cleaning, cooking, etc)- but then not go at all! You know this time gives you a captive audience reading your most precious books. And we're onto you...

Favorite things?

*MOMMY. We are still full on in a MOMMY phase, where I am the preferred buddy at any given time. If anyone tries to get in the way of that you can throw down a pretty impressive tantrum. In the series of photos below, you can see your adorable pout face when you say "Mommymommymommy."

*Anything from the movie Tangled. This is your new obsession! You could watch Tangled song clips and/or the movie and constantly ask "watch Tangled?" I just got you an adorable set of miniature dolls from the movie that instantly became favorites.

Tangled clips with Papa

Cousin Liam joined in for this Tangled matinee. His hand on your leg! Melt.

*Your fairy dolls. We have 2 now, and you love to make them fly and dance.

*Your new bathroom step stool. You like practicing climbing up to wash your hands- but I have to watch you like a hawk, because you've already tumbled back down it a few times, and also tend to bump your head on the sink above. None of this, however, deters you from trying again.

*Mornings with Papa. You two have a weekend routine where you'll ride bikes to get breakfast tacos, juice, and then play at the park. You adore this time, and adore your Papa!

*Googly Eyes. Kind of a hilarious back story here. You LOVE looking at photos on my phone, and sometimes we will just scroll through Facebook talking about the photos we see. One day a picture of a friend of mine on a beer crawl came up- where he and all his friends were dressed as minions with big googly eyes. I started calling them "googly eyes" and you thought that was HILARIOUS, and constantly requested to see the photos. I then printed some out and put them in a binder, which is now your "Googly Eye Book." You also request that people "do Googly Eyes," which means they put up their hands like fake glasses over their eyes and exclaim "GOOGLY EYES!" You never cease to be entertained by this.

The photo that started it all

Googly Eye Book viewing #1,056

*'Playing the 'Where's Iyla?' game. You love when people hide behind something like a couch, blanket, or even their hands- and peek out at you! You also love wrapping yourself in our shower curtain and exclaiming "where's Iyla?"

*Swimming! You were a little fish in Houston last weekend, jumping in all by yourself over and over and over again. You also went on your first boat ride while family was here.

I wore out before you did with this jumping session! You couldn't get enough.

Pre-boat cuddles with Mimi and Grampy, who you have decisively renamed "Butt-Butt." We think it originated from playing with his shirt buttons at Easter, and it has definitely stuck!

'Wassup? I'm about to go on a BOAT with my Butt-Butt!'

Least favorite things?

*Not getting exactly what you want when you want it. The tantrums have increased in frequency and intensity, and can be pretty hilarious.

Tragic adorable pout-face

"Don't have to!"

*Mosquito Bites. Ok- so you don't seem to mind them at all. But your sensitive skin sure does! Any bites received swell up into huge red welts that last for several days. Apparently you are too delicious to resist, despite our religious application of mosquito repellent.

Here are a few more photos from your last month. We love you SO much, sweet Iyla Grace, and give thanks every single day to have you in our lives. How lucky we are!

Rare family (selfie) photo from our trip to Houston

Soft grass at Mimi and Grampy's!

Elevator ride at our beloved historic Driskill Hotel

You love the new photo wall Papa put up in the guest room

Happy 20 months, sweet girl!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July has evolved over the years into a big family reunion weekend for us. Yesterday our Midwestern clan arrived, and today we will all head to my parent's house in Houston for another round of festivities. Saturday we'll return home, and by Sunday the Houston folks will join in for more celebrating at our house here in Austin.

I was a little nervous about how Iyla would do with all of the company, given her recent affinity for all things MOMMY. I shouldn't have worried. That kid caught on quickly, realizing everyone here was completely in love with her and willing to play with and entertain her! Her 21 month old cousin Liam is also staying with us, which just adds to the cute toddler overload. It's been lovely, and I look forward to the rest of the extended weekend.

In other news, my cycle did officially start again yesterday- as I suspected it would. Upward and onward we go to NYC, and to continuing to trust things will happen in their right time (though admittedly my psychotic TTC brain has started to reemerge, definitely making its sense of urgency known).

Here are a few parting shots of sweet Iyla G from our day together yesterday- she was such a sweet buddy! 

Breakfast out with Mama MOMMY

Splash pad fun! The only way to truly be outside in our 100+ degree summers.

Uncle Terry!

Bath time with Cousin Liam

And a series I like to call "Iyla Grace thinks Cousin Matt is HILARIOUS." He was hamming it up for her in the bathroom doorway while also taking pictures. That little girl was in heaven!

Happy 4th of July everyone!