Sunday, October 22, 2017

15 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are 15 months old! That sounds "old" to me, and indeed, you have completely transformed from a baby into a full blown toddler.

You are SO curious and SO determined. You love to investigate how things work, like buttons on a sound machine or AC unit. We definitely have to keep an eye on you, for if you disappear or become too quiet you are usually up to something! For example, we are currently staying in our studio apartment (we have F1 renters in our house) and you've wasted no time trying to kill yourself exploring every nook and cranny, your favorite past time being trying to figure out HOW TO FREE YOURSELF FROM THE BABY GATE. And I don't put it past you to actually achieve this! For now, you stand there and shake it, and throw any and everything you can find down those stairs (water bottles, toys, clothes, etc).

Here's a series of photos I like to call The Naughty Chronicles, taken while Iyla was away at dance class. Note that the tent is HER bed, with HER forbidden toys inside:

Nothing to see here.....

 The contraband

 It works!

 What happens if I drop it down the stairs?


Here are your official 15 month updates!

How old? 15 months today!

How big? At your doc appointment, you were 24 pounds (75%), 31 3/4 inches height (which was "only" 90%- ha- and I think possibly mis-measured due to your wiggling/fussing!) and head was 18.4 inches (75%). You are wearing 18-24 month or 2T clothing, size 5 & 6 diapers (we need 6 at night to prevent leaks!), and I think we are officially at a size 5 shoe. I also think your head is bigger than your big sister's!

 Catching up to big sister! Also? THAT BELLY.

Eating? We've had a couple of big transitions this past month. I weaned you from all nap nursings, so now you are only nursing 1x/day in the morning when you wake. I also got rid of your bottles, and instead you take your whole milk in a sippy cup before each nap and at bedtime. I took advantage of having been gone to NYC for a few days and made both changes upon our return. You had absolutely no resistance to either change! You continue to be an excellent eater in general, and now love to try to use utensils while you eat.

 Pre-nap milk in your sippy cup

Sleeping? Great! You go down usually around 7:15/7:30 and sleep through to 7am. You still have two naps, one around 10am and another around 2:30/3. However, you've had several days in the past month where your first nap went LONG- until around 12:30- and we opted to skip your 2nd nap. You did fine on those days, though your eyes were very glazed over by about 4pm.

Potty time? We got off track a bit while we were in NYC, and it took a couple of weeks after our return for you to get back into the groove again. However- a huge thing happened this past week. You took me by the hand to your potty, signed "help," then when I sat you down, you peed! Amazing. There was another time yesterday when you signed "potty" while eating, and when I asked if you had to go you signed "help." Then once on the potty you pooed. Sometimes when you are sitting and about to go #2 you quickly try to stand up and stop- and I have to carefully and creatively coax you back down with a book. But overall you are doing great!

Words? A few of my new favorites of yours: cra-kah (cracker), Luck-ah (our nanny Veronica, who we call "Lucka"), doc-keh (for "doctor kit"- one of your favorite things to play with), "uh-oh" when you drop something, and the BEST: hel-looooow ("hello")- which you say to your toys when you greet them.

Your most used signs are "all done," "help," & "potty."

Funny story: yesterday you were very preoccupied with a new pimple that had turned up on my cheek. You kept pointing to it over and over and I told you it was a "pimple." Now you keep pointing at it and exclaiming: "pom-poh!" Thanks, kid.

Also? You will NOT SAY MAMA. Thanks again, kid.

Signing "all done" when I was trying to take yet another photo of you

Teeth? We are now up to 10, with both of your upper molars SLOWLY coming in. These have been hard on you, and it is more often than not that you awake in the morning or after a nap sad and in pain. Cue Motrin and special homeopathic drops for your gums- it's how we're surviving!

Favorite things?

*Stuffed puppy/stuffed lamb. These little guys hang out at your potty station, and you love to tell them "hel-loooow" then snuggle and kiss them.

*One of MY favorite things? your curls! Especially awesome after a rainy day:

*Rocks. You love picking up rocks and especially love to try to eat them.

*Water. You are fearless at splash pads and walk face first into and through the water spouts! You also cannot pass up a puddle.

*Music. This is our safety net in the car, as you will always fuss without it! You also love to listen to music while you eat.

*You love our Halloween decorations! You are especially obsessed with the light up pumpkin and ghost. You'll point to them and say "hel-looooow" and call to the ghost by saying "boooo." You love to kiss the ghost when you get your hands on it!

*Playing peek-a-boo. You will go behind Papa or I and stand there leaning against our back as we call out "Where's Weezie?!" Then you emerge with a shriek! I caught your hiding behind me on camera last week:

*Outdoor exploring & playing at the park. You love to swing and slide and go on walking expeditions.

*Your sister and Papa. Your first words in the morning are always "Iy-ya?" "Pa-pa?" You love to follow Iyla around and do whatever she is doing. Mostly she is patient and loving with you!

Least favorite things?

*Being told no. If you are being naughty and we redirect you or take something away you are NOT pleased. However, if you KNOW you are not allowed to go somewhere or touch something and approach it, you'll look right at me and shake your head NO side to side. It's hilarious, and you're telling me that you know you are not allowed to do that thing! You resist less in these scenarios, as it's a rule you are already aware of.

*Getting a diaper or clothes change. Always a wrestling match!

New skills?

*Stepping off small stairs, in a very preliminary effort to "jump." You will walk off our kid chair or off of small steps when out on a walk. You also love walking UP hills and walking carefully DOWN them.

*Crouching. You love to practice this one and it's pretty cute to see! You're finally bending those little legs of yours.

*Climbing stairs. This past month there was a morning when you were playing with Papa and Iyla and then disappeared for a little too long. When they finally found you, you were on the 3RD FLOOR, just walking around. Naughty!

Here are a few more pictures from your past month:

We love you sweet Eloise Jane! Happy 15 months to you.