Saturday, April 22, 2017

9 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are 9 months old! It's been such a fun month, with new adventures and milestones seemingly on a daily basis. You approach the world with such curiosity, joy, and concentration- a true little scientist. This past month you've been a bit more clingy and fussy than usual, and I think it's due to the fact that all of your teeth are descending!

Here are your official 9 month updates!

How old? 9 months today- which means we've hit the "9 months in, 9 months out" milestone.

How big? You are comfortably wearing 12-18 month clothing, and IF I were to put shoes on you you'd be a size 2. You are still in size 4 diapers but are quickly approaching the point of needing to size up.

At your 9 month well check you clocked in at 19 pounds, 15 ounces (75%), 29 inches tall (95%) and your head was 17 5/8 inches in circumference (75%). Our happy, healthy girl!

Giving the side-eye to the nurse

Sleep? You continue to be such a great little sleeper! You go down around 7pm and sleep through the night until 6:30-7am. You take your first nap about 2 hours after you wake (for 30-90 minutes) and another about 2.5 -3 hours after the first nap for about that same range of time. If your 2nd nap ends before 2pm we usually have one more late afternoon nap around 4-4:30 to help you better last until bedtime.

I love love LOVE how- when tired and headed to your room- you put your left thumb in your mouth, cup your cheek with your right hand, and rest your head on my shoulder. It's the absolute sweetest.

Food? Oh little lady, how you LOVE your food! You will eat anything we give you, and devour everything with exuberance and joy. You are excellent at chewing and swallowing, and have also mastered using a straw cup and feeding yourself pouches. This is so different from Iyla, who at this age was only eating purees and still wasn't all that jazzed about food (and STILL isn't!).

You nurse when you wake up, before and after each nap, then get a pumped bottle at bedtime.

Potty time?

You are rocking your baby potty, and have only had two #2's in your diaper in the past 6 weeks (one while your nanny was watching you, and one where we had to run out the door to pick up Iyla before I could sit you down to go). All the rest have been on your potty! It's so amazing.


You got TWO teeth this month! The first bottom right tooth popped out on April 9th, and on the morning of April 19th I confirmed that your 2nd bottom tooth (on the left) had also joined the party. It looks like your top two teeth are not far behind! Trying to get a photo of the new teeth was near impossible, as you are a girl in motion and also like to grab my phone when it gets that close to your face!

Photo attempt #1: FAIL!

Photo attempt #2: GOT IT!


Nothing totally discernible yet. You make vocalizations that sound along the lines of "all done," and also "Eye-ya,"- and will say "bababa" when we see a picture of a lamb. Other than that lots of babbling and spitting and gurgling!


*Clapping and sticking out your tongue on cue! Both skills were revealed on April 12th:

*Noticing your reflection and being mesmerized by it:

*Playing Peek-a-boo! You started this right after you turned 8 months old, and love to hide behind a book, a blanket, a toy, then dramatically PEEK at us.

*Turning pages in your books. You love to help while we read, and if there is an animal or baby face, you often lean in to give it a kiss!

*Waving! You juuuuust started doing this in the past couple of days. It's so cute!

Here you are waving to a photo of a baby at the doctor's office

Favorite things:

*Music! You adore your music class, and love any toys that make NOISE.

*Water and swimming! You are doing great at your weekly swim lessons, and are up to 8 seconds of breath control under water. You adore splashing in your bath, and also love swimming at your Aunt Sheri's house.

*Being outside. This is always your happy place!

*Practicing standing. You can stand (while holding onto things) for a LONG time and love doing it! Still no crawling, though when put on your stomach you can push yourself backwards or in a circle. No rush there- I appreciate this time when you sit happily and DON'T move! ; )

*Your walker. This is hands down one of your favorite activities right now, as you can scoot wherever you want to go! Even better when you have your sister playing with you and a pair of her shoes to chew on (you have a thing for shoes).

*This baby doll was a hit when I first brought it out- you fully tasted and inspected every inch of it. Your sister has never gotten into dollies, so I'm curious if you'll follow suit like her or end up loving them like I did as a kid:

*Your sister continues to be one of your ALL time favorites, and I don't blame you there. She's pretty great and absolutely ADORES you!

Here are a few more photos from your past month:

This month's "official" 9 month photo shoot was a challenge, as you were NOT in the mood to sit and have your pictures taken. Here's what we got:


After much fussing, I decided to hand you your 9 month sticker. You then decided to eat it.

And when I tried to pry the pieces away from you:


This was pretty much your attitude even when I attempted a location change:

Ah, nope

How about on your chair?


What DID work was setting you in front of the mirror. A little narcissism goes a long way!

Happy 9 months sweet Eloise Jane! 
We love you so much and look forward to this coming month's adventures.