Saturday, April 1, 2017

First Haircut!

On Thursday (March 30th) we took the plunge and got Iyla her first ever real haircut! We'd been building up to this for a couple of months now, talking about how a cut would help her hair be less tangled.

Here are a few shots of her long, long (gorgeous and curly!) hair:

And a cute evolution of photos demonstrating one of our biggest issues lately: Eloise pulling that LONG long hair:

So when I asked Iyla this week for the millionth time if she was ready to get her hair cut, she looked me straight in the eyes and replied:

"Mama, I've TOLD you I'm ready."

Touche. I think we know which one of us wasn't quite ready....

And so it was that I picked her up from school and let her know that TODAY WAS THE DAY! Thankfully she was super excited, posing for her 'before' photos next to my car:

It was all smiles when we arrived at the salon!

Iyla had been telling me she wanted her hair cut like her friend Sabine's, who has a very short chin length bob. She then edited her request to a shoulder length cut when I let her know we may not be able to swing doing all of her regular hairdos with a bob.

Here, the initial consult:

And yes, yes I did make the stylist dry cut a pony tail that we could keep. I love the look of anticipation on Iyla's face here!

Exclaiming: "That didn't even hurt!" Haha. She's been so sheltered. ; )

Delight at seeing her freshly shorn ponytail:

Then it was time to get her hair washed, which she later reported was her favorite part. She was chatting up the stylist, telling her all about how her Mama only washed her hair in the tub at home!

Then on to the cut....

The one thing Iyla was VERY nervous about was having her hair blow dried. She hates loud noises like that, so we opted to just skip that step and let her new locks air dry.

Here she is posing for her after shots!

This morning she declared she now had "Maggie hair" (her cousin who visited us over Thanksgiving). So cute!

We all love the new cut, and it will be SO much easier to maintain! So proud of our little girl.

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