Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

I am happy to report that our Easter celebration this year was blissfully drama free! You may recall that we have an unfortunate track record for infamous Easters, to include 2013 when Iyla visited an emergency doctor, 2015 when she split open her chin, and 2016 when BC came down with a virus and missed the celebration entirely.

So this year we mixed things up and went to celebrate with my parents in Houston, and thankfully all went well!

We started things off on Easter morning here in Austin with baskets of goodies for the girls. Eloise definitely got the short end of the stick basket wise, as there really isn't much that kiddo needs (or would notice an absence of!) Iyla, however, scored big time from the Easter Bunny, and was over the moon to dive into her basket.

 "This is it?"

Then we packed up and drove to Houston. Both girls did great on the ride, all things considered. Eloise napped 45 minutes and was generally in good spirits, save for the last 30 minutes of the trip when I was throwing everything humanly possible at her to keep her entertained.

Once we arrived to Mimi and Grampy's the girls had a quick costume change and I subjected them both to a proper photo shoot. Because isn't that what holidays are really about? ; )

Then Eloise dove into some new toys:

Was feasted on by Papa:

And was even willing to share her loot with Grampy:

I then tried to get some photos of Mimi and Grampy with the girls. Iyla wanted NOTHING to do with it, as in her mind she had just complied with the earlier photo shoot and it was now time to PLAY! As far as Eloise went, she was mostly interested in checking out Mimi and Grampy and their various facial features:

 A mouth!

 A nose!

A few more shots courtesy of Grampy:

Happy Easter everyone!

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