Friday, August 5, 2016

2 Weeks Old!

Miss Eloise Jane is two weeks old today.

And this girl just got a new nickname: "Bruiser."

I am convinced Eloise is dead set on NOT being the "littlest" sister, as seen from her 2 week Pediatrician visit. Since birth, she has already gained a POUND (8#2oz, 50%) and if you go by her measured birth length (which we *think* may have been incorrect) she has grown TWO inches (21 3/4, off the official charts so notated at 98%). I am just amazed that not only was she already back to birth weight, but a POUND over it! That's some insane growth. Her big sister at 2 weeks old? 5#16oz, having finally surpassed HER birth weight of 5#14oz.

So yeah, we have a 'not so little" bruiser on our hands. It will be interesting to see if her stats stay at those percentiles.... if they do then she definitely has inherited her Papa's genes!

Relaxing upon arrival to the doctor's office

I couldn't believe this weight gain! 
Though I should believe it, given how constantly this one wants to eat.

As for me, not much weight loss since last week, though my belly has shrunk more. I lost another 1.5 pounds to clock in at 129.8- a 17.2 pound loss overall from the 37 gained. Almost halfway there! I cannot WAIT to be able to walk outside again- this 100 degree heat doesn't lend itself to much outdoor activity, but once it lets up (sadly in October) I will be taking full advantage.

I had a couple days of the Baby Blues this past week, where I was feeling overly tearful at the littlest things. What has helped tremendously is starting to ask for HELP. Having BC take Eloise even for 30 minutes is like heaven, and I am amazed how productive I can be in that short amount of time (laundry! dishes! cleaning! showering!).

I've started pumping a 2oz bottle of milk each morning, and yesterday I left BC with a bottle and actually headed out ALL BY MYSELF. Freedom!

Again, super productive in a very short amount of time (Target! bank! gas station! two baby stores!). The best part? WALKING. Yes folks, I can WALK again! That may sound trivial, but since around 15 weeks pregnant I've been handicapped with Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction... so, to be able to walk freely without pain is nothing short of a miracle. My body was sooo happy to be moving again, and this whole outing went a LONG way toward my postpartum mental health.

Physically, my bleeding has let up quite a bit since passing birthing a fist sized clot this week. I am still sweating profusely every night (yuck), and my hemorrhoids and other achy parts are getting a little better each day.

As far as Eloise goes? This one is a bona fide SNUGGLER. AKA: Velcro Baby, meaning she does NOT want to be put down pretty much ever, thank you very much. Which is cozy and lovely and SO HARD at times, given I can't get much done when holding her.

She love love LOVES to snuggle chest to chest, and will inch her way up until her head is right beneath BC's or my neck, loving when we then kiss her little forehead. I've taken a couple of naps with her on my chest like that, and those are super cozy for us both.

I did break out my ring sling (which happily Eloise doesn't mind) -though it quickly gets VERY hot and sweaty in there (hello 100 degree heat!) Since Eloise is over 8 pounds already, I can start using some of my other carriers and hope to start familiarizing myself with those in the next week.

I never in a million years would thought I'd be a bed sharing kind of Mama, but this snuggle bug sleeps SO much better lying near me, and when baby sleeps better, EVERYONE sleeps better (though she is still up pretty much every 2 hours all.night.long nursing.... there's a reason she's gained a pound since birth!)

She loves sleeping slightly on her side with her little body curled toward me:

Personality wise, this one definitely has fire in her belly and isn't shy about letting us know when she doesn't like something (diaper & clothes changes, being put down when she isn't sound asleep). She's super alert when awake, and already quite strong with good head & neck control.

Big sister Iyla is doing great and soaking up the last week of her Papa's Paternity leave. I had a moment of panic thinking ahead to next week ALL BY MYSELF with two kids, and sent out a plea to my parents to please come back. Thankfully they'll be here next Tuesday-Friday to be extra sets of hands as I work toward getting us all on a schedule. This way I won't have to take Eloise with me for Iyla's school pick up and drop off, or to those OH SO HOT swim lessons.

Every time Iyla comes into the room where Eloise is she wants to hold her, touch her, and kiss her. She truly loves her baby sister, and it never ceases to melt our hearts. This was one of the main reasons I went through all I did to bring another little one into the world (another 3 years of charting and trying, to include 3 injectable cycles, 2 IVF's, & lots of $$$). I so wanted for Iyla to experience having a sibling.

We had a photographer come take some family photos of us yesterday that I can't WAIT to see! He is someone just getting started in the business whose style I really like (unposed, natural lifestyle type photos)- and we got an amazing deal due to his wanting subjects to build his portfolio with.

So of course I had to order Lady Eloise some new head bling toward the shoot. From the stash (pictured below) I ended up using the top middle flower for photos, but also LOVE the little headbands on the bottom left- which are so soft and perfect for a newborn:

Buying things for little girls is sooo much fun (and dangerous!)

Iyla was absolutely hilarious during the photos, totally hamming it up for the photographer with HUGE smiles and eye contact. BC and I kept looking at each other like "who IS this girl?" and remarked that maybe it was time to get her an agent! I think she genuinely liked the photographer.... every once in a blue moon she'll meet someone she is instantly smitten with, and it is always so sweet to see.

After our photo shoot Lady Eloise promptly passed out in my arms, chest to chest in her preferred snuggle position:

It's been a lovely, sleepy, challenging two weeks. We are slowly seeing some light at the end of the newborn tunnel, as we get used to our new normal with TWO children.

On another note- a Happy Birthday shout out to our Mimi today.... we love you!

Throwback shot of my mom and I from my 1st birthday

*This entire entry was typed using one hand at a time while holding Eloise. 
It's only taken 8 hours to complete!*

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