Sunday, July 31, 2016

Party All Night

Man oh man did Miss Eloise give me a run for my money last night.

It looked loosely like this:

8:45pm: nurse for bedtime
9pm: put her down in bassinet for first sleep, I pass out in bed
9:40pm: She's up!?
9:45: nurse again, though there ain't much left in there (I had pumped for the first time that morning and was concerned it affected my overall supply throughout the day).

And that little lady?


Until 12:45am. That's THREE HOURS of party time if you're counting.

In that time, we went through many cycles of nursing, trying to coax/soothe her to sleep, changing diapers, re-swaddling, rocking,.... you name it.

I even out of desperation went downstairs to get the pumped bottle of milk I'd stored that morning. The great thing was that she took the bottle NO PROBLEM (her first! Hoping we don't have issues there moving forward)- which confirmed to me that she was hungry and that my boobs were just DONE from the 3 constant hours of her on again off again nursing.

At around 1am I finally, FINALLY got her to sleep again.

1:30am: she's up!


I nurse again then go to change and swaddle her. As soon as we sit down to rock in the chair she has a BIG poo.

Of course.

This girl is the queen of pooing right when I am JUST getting her settled, or she's JUST fallen asleep, or I've JUST put the most perfect swaddle ever on her.

So: I go to change her AGAIN. And while in the middle of changing her, she poos AGAIN, soiling her clothes.


So I strip her down and lay her on top of a clean diaper while I run to use the bathroom myself. When I return, I find she's peed all over her swaddle blanket.

So: I change her, re-dress her, and run to her nursery to grab another swaddle blanket.

I swaddle her, give her my now completely deflated breast, then head to bed where it takes almost another hour to get her to FINALLY sleep.

This is around 3am. So at that point Lady Eloise and I had clocked in maaaaybe 1 hour of sleep TOPS since 9pm.


We both pass out blissfully until around 6:30am, when she was ready to nurse. She nursed for all of 3.5 minutes before passing out again. At this point I didn't bother changing and re-swaddling her- I just laid her right back down to sleep.

You'd think given the night we'd had that I'd go back to sleep too. However, I cannot for the life of me get back to sleep after 6:30am.... it's my internal clock's natural rising time, and despite only having gotten a sporadic 3-4 hours sleep all night long, I was up.


It's going to be a loooong sleepy day today. It's a bummer too because we are planning to head to my Aunt's house for a visit and for them to meet Eloise, and I am definitely going to be hurting.

And so it goes.... apparently Eloise is nocturnal like her Mimi. ; )

Here's hoping that tonight does NOT bring a repeat performance!

More of this tonight, sweet girl. More of this.

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