Tuesday, July 12, 2016

38 Week Updates: Baby 2.0

How far along? 38 weeks today! Yep... still cooking.

How big is baby? The apps have her estimated around 7 pounds at this point, though truly it is anyone's guess! She is definitely filling up every inch of space in my belly.

How big is Mama? Not much weight gain since last week- only up .2 of a pound, for a total weigh in at 146.2 (36.2 pound gain this pregnancy so far). I am quite sure that sometime between last week Monday and Wednesday baby 'dropped.' The profile of my belly changed and on Wednesday I also had increased pressure down low, complete with tailbone pain and a resurgence of hemorrhoids (which I haven't had since birth and the post partum period with Iyla!) All of this means it is increasingly painful and hard for me to sit long periods at a time... or walk... or, really, do anything.

 Here's the comparison belly shot between last Monday and last Wednesday- the "basketball" has dropped slightly and shifted to a more oblong shape

And here is this week's 38 week belly shot. 
It looks even MORE oblong to me- she's definitely getting bigger in there!

Sleep? When I am asleep I sleep soundly. However, I wake so.many.times throughout the night having to shift my body and get up to use the restroom. I'm still having my hands constantly falling asleep so I have to mix up my positions frequently.

Food cravings/aversions? Ah, fruit! This past week I can't get enough of watermelon and peaches, along with apples & grapes. I'm wanting lighter foods overall, though am still enjoying the occasional cheeseburger. Fruits, veggies, sandwiches, & cereal seem to be my recent go-to's.

Symptoms? Everything is jacked up to a high degree!

*Pelvic pressure and pain. I'd include here the sore tailbone, hemorrhoid pain, pressure in my lady parts, etc. After using the restroom I often can't stand straight up or walk for a moment or two due to a strange burning/shifting down there- so have to bend over and do "cat/cow" yoga arching of my back before trying to walk upright again.

*Fatigue. The last week has been tough physically. I also seem to be having an uptick in days when I wake and automatically feel absolutely exhausted- like you could knock me over with a feather.

*Sore hands/fingers. This goes part in parcel with the limbs falling asleep at night. By day my fingers are tight and painful to straighten, especially the ring finger on each hand.

Big sister?

Iyla continues to play act all things baby and family on a daily basis. She loves to take my hand and stuff it under her shirt, saying that "baby tickles" is in her belly and asking me to "feel her moving!" It's so sweet.

Here are this week's school photos:

Iyla also got to do a "Kids Night Out" Saturday night at her school. It was a beach themed party, and apparently she and a new little boy named Nico were BFFs the entire night. Here's a shot of her heading out for her fun evening (and Mama and Papa got to sneak in an extra date night- hooray!):

Still in a phase of insisting on TWO BUNS in her hair every.single.day

On Sunday BC took Iyla to a "Discover the Dinosaurs" event- where Iyla picked out a toy dinosaur whose belly lit up because according to her, it had a "baby in its belly." Of course!

Here she is riding a mechanical dinosaur at the event- her face in the 2nd shot is priceless!

Baby prep?

SO READY. Literally. Bags are packed. Diaper stations are stocked. Clothes are washed & organized. Several meals are prepared and frozen. I even had the good fortune of scoring an awesome and super cute new soft structured baby carrier:

This brand- Kinderpack- releases two new carrier prints on Tuesdays and Fridays and typically sells out within MINUTES of the carriers releasing. One of my Mama friends from my November Mamas group is famous for having an incredible track record of scoring these for those of us wanting them- and she did NOT disappoint! This print, known as "Terrapin," became an instant hit- with so.many.moms on message boards lamenting how they didn't score one, and willing to pay a HUGE uptick in price for anyone willing to part with theirs. So: awesome, cute carrier for the new baby that doubles as an amazing investment! BOOM. Now let's just hope this kid let's me wear her (unlike her big sister Iyla who always hated being worn, and continues to be slightly claustrophobic).

Last week I asked baby to please give me time to get my new listing on the market (preferably with multiple offers so I could get it under contract as well). 

Check and CHECK. 

Under contract with 5 strong offers, so baby officially got the GREEN LIGHT on my end to come any day! However, BC says he'd love to have through this week to tie up some work- and so far it seems like she is also listening to him (darn!)

Did I mention how ready I was for baby to come?

I know the end is in immediate sight.... but dang if these last weeks of pregnancy aren't rough.

C'mon baby girl, c'mon!

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