Friday, December 21, 2012

A Sleepy Day

After having her crazy awake/alert day, yesterday Iyla slept the day away. She slept her way through a visit to my coffee shop and to the chiropractor. In the afternoon I had a scheduled OBGYN postpartum visit, and knew we'd be tempting fate by bringing her along. Sure enough, within minutes of arriving, she awoke in full fussy colic GLORY. Sweet!

"Hi everyone! Come meet our new baby. Don't mind the screaming- she's just excited to see you."

Luckily BC had come to the visit with me, and while we waited for Dr. Campaigne I fed her and we did full on "calm baby quick" techniques. If there is one good thing about having to wait on your doctor, it is having time to quiet the baby beast!

Dr. Campaigne said all looked good with the healing of my lady parts. Regarding the peeing myself when I power walk or run, she told me to turn up those Kegal exercises! Evidently things *should* go back to normal and my bladder should start behaving itself as the muscles around it get back into shape. Here's hoping.

Another interesting thing I am noticing with my body? I am pretty darn sure I am ovulating right now... which is crazy. I had assumed I wouldn't get my monthly cycle while I was breastfeeding, but it appears that will not be the case! My mom told me she always had her regular cycles throughout breastfeeding 3 kiddos, so it looks like I am following suit. BC and I decided long ago we were going to leave things wide open for a 2nd child after Iyla was born, given she took 3 years to join us. It appears my body is down with that plan!

Iyla is having another very sleepy day today. And because I am obsessed with taking photos of my child, I bring you her day in a photo montage:

 Good morning sunshine! 
Iyla is always so sweet, smiley, & alert when she wakes up

 Then for the rest of the day we have a lot of napping going on. Here in her Rock n Play... you can see why we call her our little squish!

 Sleeping on the changing table (this was a first!)

And even on the baby potty (another first)! After taking pictures I figured leaving her there was futile- so imagine my surprise when I took her off and saw she'd done a #1 AND #2 while sleeping! That girl is good.

 Asleep after eating....

And slumbering away during our daily walk. Such a gorgeous day for it.

In closing, Iyla says: "Ole!"

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  1. I haven't done nearly as many kegal exercises as I should, but it definitely gets better. There are much less urgent matters when trying to get to the toilet, unless there is something very funny that makes me laugh a lot. ;D