Friday, December 7, 2012

Nighttime Explosions

The last two nights someone has secretly replaced our calm, sweet, easygoing baby with an extremely fussy, screaming, inconsolable one. Wednesday was the first night this occurred- where around 7pm Iyla was arching & stretching & grunting in distress, and NOTHING we did would calm her cries save her eventually passing out.

Then last night around the same time she started up again- arching & screaming, pausing occasionally as a new position or trick pacified her for a moment before the scream fest continued. I went to bed around 9:30 and BC informed me this went on until he put her to bed around 11:30.

I called our pediatrician's office this morning and talked briefly with a nurse. She asked if Iyla was spitting up during these sessions (which might point more to it being food related)... and I proudly replied that no- she never spits up. Then I heard the dreaded word NO parent of a newborn wants to hear: the nurse said she might be having bouts of COLIC and that it typically sets in around this developmental time. The doctor would call me later to follow up.

Please oh PLEASE don't be colic! There is nothing worse than watching your sweet little one struggle and cry and not being able to do anything to help her. I am hopeful the doctor will have some more recommendations and tricks to try. This has only been happening in the evenings - the rest of the day Iyla is still very peaceful, sleeping & eating well (and yes, I am totally knocking on wood here!).

BC took the night shift again last night with a pumped bottle so I could get a head start on sleep. I went to bed at 9:30, and by 1am my boobs were killing me.  I laid there wondering if I should wake Iyla to feed, but luckily she woke on her own around 1:30. And then woke again at 3am. Then 4:30am. Then at 6:30am- when she was up for the day. So much for getting more sleep and reducing the nighttime feedings!

And you know what else this little one pulled off last night? A trick more sneaky than Houdini himself could concoct. While I was changing her at 3am, I heard a rumble and all of a sudden the most powerful projectile poop came flying out of this tiny thing- shooting straight out and nailing our velvet bedroom curtains before dripping down the length of them. In that moment I really couldn't do anything but laugh... I was frantically trying to wipe everything down with baby wipes in the little light I had. There was poop on the changing table, the wall, & the floor in addition to the curtains.

To further illustrate this impressive feat:

Note baby on changing pad, curtains to the right. If you look closely in the middle of the curtains you will see a light brown mark running down the length of them

Take note of where baby's bottom is in relation to where the curtains are. 
She packs some serious power!

She looks a bit remorseful in this shot... though I suspect she found the events more humorous than anything else

"Sam, guess what I did last night?!"

Don't let this cute little elf fool you- if she doesn't get her way she WILL poop on your curtains

In closing, a guest baby photo (because I know you haven't gotten enough baby pics!). Iyla and I visited a friend of ours who just had twin boys in late October. All of our little ones were actually due around the same time, right after Thanksgiving! They were all ready to make early entrances into the world. Unfortunately we didn't get any shots of all 3 babies together (maybe next time!), but I did manage one cute one of the boys- Grayson and Coleson- snuggling:

Iyla's buddies with their Wannanub pacifiers. A baby explosion!

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