Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventures in Colic, Baby Potties, & Cloth Diapers. Plus- How to Piss Off Your Sleeping Baby

Iyla had her one month appointment on Friday. I talked at length with her doctor about the fussiness, wondering if I should consider cutting out dairy or trying other techniques to help curb the colic. Our Pediatrician said from everything I told her it sounded like Iyla was having the normal bout of an immature digestive system (present in all newborns and peaking around 4-6 weeks)- and that some babies are more sensitive than others to this. She didn't think eliminating foods in my diet was necessary (yay!), and that Iyla would eventually grow out of this.

I will say that Iyla has seemed better the last couple of days. I have been putting her to sleep in a somewhat inclined position after feedings in her Rock n' Play sleeper instead of flat on her back, and am hoping that this might be part of what is helping. I read that some babies can have "silent reflux,' which is basically reflux without any obvious signs like spitting up/etc. Iyla definitely has the hiccups a LOT & does have an audibly rumbling tummy at times, so I am all for her sleeping inclined if that helps her little system digest better as it matures.

Iyla weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 21 1/8 inches tall at her one month checkup. She is now at the 50th percentile for height, and still 'petite' at the 8-9th percentile for weight. Future Supermodel?

Working on her best "Blue Steel"

Sam wanted to get in the mix- he is definitely off the charts with his weight!

I made the official switch over to cloth diapers about 4 days ago, and have been LOVING the 'Lil Joey Newborn All-In-Ones. They definitely are not cheap, but we will be able to use them with future kiddos and they do excellent on the cloth diaper resale market. They are super soft, super easy, and super adorable!

One added bonus of starting the cloth diapers? Iyla has been ROCKING the baby potty since making the switch. I am not sure if a direct correlation can be made, but ever since I started the cloth I would say 8 times out of 10 when I put her on the potty during diaper changes she will do a #1 or #2 or both! I am finding her diapers dry more and more often, and wonder if the material in these 'Lil Joeys helps her be extra aware of her system. We have been using the BABYBJORN Smart Potty, and I have one for each of her changing stations. I pull out the small white inside bowl and hold her by the armpits on top of it, making "pssssss" and "ppppppp" sounds to cue her while she is there. She is typically very still & alert, and will wiggle and fuss when done. 

And to add to the embarrassing photos we are stockpiling to blackmail her with in her teen years, I present to you Iyla on the potty:

My mother is so rude

I also discovered an AWESOME way to piss off your sweet sleeping baby. I attempted to get a handprint for Iyla's baby book while she was slumbering away- and let's just say it did NOT go well. She woke up almost immediately screaming bloody murder and proceeded to get ink everywhere. Project FAIL! 

And of course I paused to take pictures

This afternoon I am getting some much anticipated "me" time and heading out for a massage. I had two ocular migraines yesterday, which definitely points to my body being off again. It's insane the physical toll carrying & nursing a baby can take!

But you, sweet little one, are totally worth it


  1. good for you in switching to cloth. we've got them, I've just been too lazy to switch.

    sorry for the failed hand print. I was thinking of doing the same, but with tempura paint.

    I totally get you about the havoc our bodies go through fgrom carrying a little one all the time. after having mt dad and sis here for a week helping out and my back being almost normal again, it is now back to achy in under 4 days.
    (sorry for typos and whatnot, one handed typing.)

  2. The ink! LOL. Okay, I will NOT be doing that. Although, this is a great photo for her baby book. So funny!