Thursday, December 6, 2012

3.5 Week Updates & Favorite Baby Items

It's hard for me to believe December has already crept upon us! Both because my days/nights are somewhat blurred together and also because the weather here in Austin has been sunny & in the 70's and 80's. I find I have no idea what the date is anymore, and it actually feels nice to not be on a linear schedule.

We had a wonderful visit with my Mother-in-law this past week, who flew in from Kansas to meet her newest granddaughter. We had originally scheduled her visit to coincide with BC's going back to work after my c-section so she could help during my recovery. Happily b/c of the way Iyla decided things should go down, this visit was now more about just spending quality time together- going on walks, helping Iyla sunbathe, & just giving our little one lots of extra loving! My MIL was generous enough to watch Iyla while I had some solo time out each day- to my favorite coffee shop, grocery store, baby store, etc. BC and I also headed out for a date night on Tuesday- such a luxury! We will definitely miss her.

Me, my MIL, and my *ahem* ladies on display. 
They can't really be contained these days.

Iyla is now 3.5 weeks old. She is getting more and more alert, and having longer awake times that aren't entirely focused on needing to eat. I love watching her little eyes take in the world! She is still eating really well, and going between the breast & a pumped bottle like a champ. She also has NEVER once spit up! I had always assumed that all babies spit up, so we have been pleasantly surprised this doesn't seem to be the case (*fingers crossed this continues!*).

Iyla has outgrown her first baby outfit- one of the preemie sized onsies I'd express ordered after she was born. Now it looks like she is officially in the 'newborn' sizes- ha. She is a growing little bean, and seems to just get longer by the day. She is definitely all limbs!

We also got our first small 'social smiles' this past week. They don't happen super often, but every now and again when she is happy, content, & alert she will gaze at us and give us the sweetest little hint of a smile.  Melts us every.single.time.

Our sweet observant girl

One new routine we started this week was for me to feed Iyla in the early evening, then pump a bottle before heading to bed (and I've been hitting the sack way early these days- usually between 8-9). When Iyla wakes and is hungry, BC gives her the bottle and keeps her until she is hungry again later that night, at that point bringing her to me. This small shift in routine gives me anywhere from a 4-5 hour block of uninterrupted sleep and goes a LONG way toward my feeling a bit more rested during the day. On her own Iyla is still waking me every 2-3 hours during the night, which usually amounts to 3 night feedings. With this new pumped bottle routine night feedings go down to only 2 sessions, equalling one happy Mama!

Last night the cutest thing happened. One of the ladies on my November Mamas board had mentioned that if you put an item of your clothing in the crib with your little one, they often sleep longer b/c of the familiar smell. So after our middle of the night feeding last night, I draped one of my favorite cardigans over the side of the Pack n Play where Iyla sleeps. When she awoke for her next feeding, she had literally scooted herself across the PnP and was RIGHT next to the cardigan! The instincts of these little creatures are absolutely amazing.

Now that we are almost a month into having a newborn, I thought it might be fun to do a review of the baby products we are finding most useful vs the ones that are not getting much milage. So without further adieu...


AKA: Iyla approved!

1. Moses Basket
This one came as a total surprise to me- my mom had given this to me for my shower, and I thought it was adorable but most likely going to be used to store toys/etc. This is now Iyla's go-to napping spot during the day, and is SO easy to pick up and move around! I love that she is sleeping flat on her back in it (vs scrunched/reclined in a swing)... and let's face it, she looks adorable in it as well.

This is from the very early days at home, before Iyla decided she prefers to sleep with her arms free

2. Long sleeve onsies paired with baby leg warmers and socks
I stocked up on a ton of footed sleepers before Iyla was born (many of which are still too big!) A good mix of zip ups and snap ups. I found that I actually prefer to just dress her in a warm long sleeve onsie & cover her legs with leg warmers & socks. This makes diaper changes SO much easier! No having to undress her and her pull feet out with every diaper change. As far as the footed sleepers themselves, no real preference on zip vs snap- the zip ups are obviously quickly to get on and off but require you to unzip all the way to the neck, while with the snaps you can just snap the bottom half to pull the legs out.

Iyla takes it easy after her Jane Fonda inspired workout

3. Chicco Keyfit car seat
Obviously a car sear is a necessity, and we LOVE the Chicco one we chose. Super easy to get in and out of the car & stroller, and Iyla doesn't seem to mind it too much (she doesn't love transitions getting into it, but once in she rests comfortably).

4. Bob Revolution Stroller
We LOVE our stroller! Really easy to maneuver, lots of storage (with thanks to the additional console we purchased), and with the car seat adapter it can be used from birth on.

5. Medela Pump in Style double electric pump
One of the silver linings to our stay in the hospital during Iyla's jaundice adventure was that they taught me how to pump. It really is quite simple, and a wonderful option to have for the occasional date night or night feeding! It was also very helpful when my milk first came in and I was having some 'fun' with engorgement.

6. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets
Love love LOVE these! Adorable, light, & cozy, perfect for swaddling & wrapping. Note that the A&A blankets carried in chain baby stores & places like Target are NOT the same quality as the ones you order direct online- there is a definite difference and to me it is worth the small extra expense to have the higher quality version.
Moses basket + Aden & Anais blanket = sound sleep

7. Nursing tanks, sleeping bras, & hands free pumping bra
If you plan to nurse, investing in a few nursing tank tops is SO helpful. These allow you to lower the straps without having to flash your belly at everyone. One of my favorites is from Target & under $20. Having a comfortable sleep bra (which looks like a sports bra) is also very helpful, as it can hold nursing pads so you don't end up soaking your bed, yourself, & your little one during night feeds. The hands free pumping bra is one of the goofiest things I've ever seen- but SO helpful, as you can pump both breasts while getting other things done.

8. Wannanub Pacifiers
These are pacifiers with stuffed animals attached to them- the "Soothies" brand. I originally thought they seemed like a silly design, but I tell you having the ability to fold that little animal & use it as a prop to hold the pacifier in a little one's mouth is a lifesaver! And Iyla loves them. She doesn't use them a whole lot- mostly right when falling asleep (it pops out the minute she is in a deep sleep) and when fussing during transitions.

Cruisin' in the Bob stroller with her Wannanub buddy

9. Pack n Play
This is what we opted to have in our bedroom for Iyla to sleep in. One note: I had BC take out the fancy newborn napper option, as I really wanted Iyla to be sleeping flat on her back in the main PnP- so I would say paying for that option is not needed. We LOVE that there is a built in changing station & also built in storage- it comes in super handy during the middle of the night. Right now the PnP functions as our upstairs changing station, and we have another station set up in our downstairs bathroom.

10. Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment
I had a tube of Bordeaux's Butt Paste, Desitin, & Burt's Bee's diaper ointment stocked in our house. I haven't used the Desitin at all, wanting to stick to more natural products. At first I didn't prefer the Burt's Bees due to its more medicinal smell- but I tell you, it coats & stays on WAY longer & better than the Bordeaux brand. I am hopeful when I finally bite the bullet and start using our cloth diaper stash (which I haven't taken the time to do yet)- Iyla's bottom responds well, as you aren't supposed to use any diaper cremes with cloth diapers! That is one adventure we'll be starting on soon....


To these I give the stink eye!

1. Baby Wearing Equipment
This is largely b/c I haven't taken the time to actually learn & utilize our baby wearing items- which include a ring sling, an Ergo, and a Moby Wrap. The Moby intimidates the heck out of me (it is like 20 feet of fabric!), the Ergo is for when she is a bit older (unless we purchase an infant insert), and the couple brief attempts I made at the ring sling didn't meet with Ms. Iyla's approval.

2. Baby Jackets/Cardigans
I have several adorable jackets & baby cardigans, but to me they seem like a bulky extra layer that is hard to get on and off and pretty unnecessary. When it is colder out we just wrap Iyla in a warm blanket & hat and that seems to do the trick (it helps that we live in such a warm climate).

3. Nursing Pillows
I have both the Boppy and the My Brest Friend pillow, and haven't used either of them! I gave them each a shot very early on and got quickly annoyed with them. My nursing go-to right now is just a thick, cozy, fleece Gap baby blanket that I fold & squish in different formations to support Iyla during feeds. It is comfy for her & easy for me, and has been working great so far.

4. Baby Swing
We have the Fisher Price Snug-a-bunny swing, and have used it maybe 2x since Iyla has joined us. She did have one night where she slept peacefully in it, but other than that she seems to get ticked off when we put her there and doesn't appear to dig the swinging action. I blame myself for this- while she was in utero I was a pretty sedentary pregnant lady, so she wouldn't have gotten used to much movement or action. Guess it makes soothing her a bit easier?


In closing, a couple more cute shots from this week because obviously, I can't get enough pictures of our daughter:

 Papa's girl- so sweet!

I love cuddling this little squish

Iyla's endless hand poses: "VOGUE!"

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  1. Love the pics, so cute!
    I thought the same thing about our baby boy and not spitting up. He started spitting up sometime soonish after that... just make sure you have plenty of spit rags.
    I definitely prefer snaps to zippers. Zippers generally make the clothes bunch/roll in ways that just don't seem comfortable.
    With the nursing pillow, I've found that I use it more (almost exclusively) behind me to help prop me than as a nursing pillow.