Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Sleep (and a Shameless Plug)

We are still hitting pretty predictable nightly fuss sessions with Iyla- usually between 5:30-8pm. It is like a switch goes off and suddenly our calm, content little baby turns into an overtired, inconsolable fuss ball. We have a huge arsenal of soothing techniques, and one will work for 5-10 minutes before the crying starts again. My most successful combo goes like this:

*Swaddle screaming baby TIGHTLY with arms flat at her sides
*Pull fussing baby (whose screaming has downgraded to crying) up to my breast, lying her on her side
*Give whimpering baby a pacifier
*Make "sh-sh-shhhhhh" sounds in baby's ear while jiggling her and walking around
*Cocoon/wrap baby into Maya Ring Sling (which hopefully- ideally- is already on me before this process begins, though there have been many times that find me attempting to sling the wrap over my shoulder WHILE holding a screaming baby. Which isn't easy or recommended).

This setup allows my right hand to be free while my left supports her head in the sling. She usually calms after all these steps & will remain awake/zen for awhile (with the occasional resurgence of whimpering/crying- to which I then resume bouncing/walking/shhhh-ing). Eventually she will go to sleep in this position, though it isn't super comfortable for me for long periods and definitely gets hot in there. But it's what we got and what works for now, so I'll take it!

Last night Iyla had an awesome nights' sleep. Actually the last two nights have been a bit of a new pattern, looking loosely like this:

*8:30-9pm nurse
*Asleep by 9:30
*Wake around 11:30-12: nurse/diaper change (she did #1 and #2 on her baby potty last night!)
*Asleep by 1am
***Last night she started some grunting around 3:30am but went back to sleep until 5!! A small miracle. I thought my boobs might explode from engorgement, as neither they nor I were anticipating such a long stretch.
*Back asleep by 6am

She then slept until 8:30am, allowing me to shower & start breakfast before she got up! That marks two mornings in a row where her last sleep cycle started between 5-6am, so she stayed asleep until 8:30am. I am liking this very, very much... but if there is one thing I have learned, it is that the minute you think you have a new groove or schedule she changes it! We shall see.

Today she has had an extremely alert day...the first where I've seen such a long stretch of awake time. She woke at 8:30am this morning and has only taken a couple of small catnaps around 30 minutes each. Around 3:30 this afternoon I could tell she was really tired and needing a more substantial nap, so I thought I would try putting her to sleep in her actual nursery crib for the first time to see how it went. She calmed immediately upon being laid down, and I was oh so hopeful.

And here I bring you the attempted nap progression in photos:

 This is a very interesting sleep proposition you've given me....

I am quite tired....

 Does it look like I am sleeping?

 I think I have her fooled!

 Joke's on you! I'm still up

When she started fussing I picked her up again and sat with her in the nursery glider, rocking & singing. Within minutes, this was my view:

 That's what I'm talking about- I have you so well trained! Goodnight.

Can't say I minded cuddling with this sweet little lady

And now for the shameless plug!

Thursday looks to be an auspicious day for the Lambert family. We were interviewed & photographed yesterday for The Wall Street Journal on an article they are running about refinancing home mortgages. That article is *supposed* to run in tomorrow's paper (for Thursday, December 20th). We are keeping our fingers crossed it does actually run, and are interested to read the article & see what photo/photos they chose! The photographer was here for an hour following the three of us around, trying to capture 'an average day.' I actually recognized the photographer when he arrived due to a couple mutual friends- he used to date a client of mine and also is friends with one of my real estate colleagues! Small world.

Another awesome bonus? It sounds like we will get access to all of those photos once the article runs. SCORE! We haven't gotten any pictures of our family together since Iyla was born, so this pretty much equates to a free photo shoot. And I love the photo journalistic style (vs. staged portraits)- so these should be right up our alley.

Also? The House Hunters episode I filmed last year for HGTV is running again tomorrow night (December 20th)- at 7:30 eastern/6:30 central time. Check it out if you haven't yet seen it- it is a really cute episode with clients of mine who were looking to buy here in East Austin near where I live. We had a blast filming it!

So there you have it. I may be featured in National print AND on National TV tomorrow. And Iyla may also be making her National newspaper debut!

Keeping fingers crossed that Iyla has another good night tonight so we are all refreshed for the exciting day tomorrow. : )

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  1. Oh, wow, I need to get my lazy butt out to the dvr to look for your show! I was going to ask you if you had a link to it online or something previously when I was stalking you :)

    Oh Ilya is so darling. My baby is going to be sooo big!!