Monday, December 10, 2012

4 Weeks Old- and a LONG Night

I guess I should count myself lucky that last night was the first night where Iyla has kept me up for an extended period of time. I know many new moms deal with this on a nightly basis- and I seriously have compassion for them. Maybe Iyla was just trying to stay up to celebrate the fact that 4 weeks ago today I was in labor with her?

Our evening went as such:

9:30: I go to bed, BC takes the evening shift
1:30am: Iyla wakes me (so grateful to have had that 3.5 hour sleep!)

I feed her, change her, and lay her down in bed with me. It takes longer than usual for her to fall asleep, and finally at 2:30 she conks out.

3am: She wakes again! So I put her back on the boob to see if that will help her go back to sleep. And then she pulls out full on fussy time, which we have not yet experienced in the wee hours of the morning. So for about 1.5 hours I am swaddling, swinging, shhhhing, etc. as I pace back and forth in our bedroom. Finally around 4:30am she appears to be out- I give it a good further 5 minutes to be SURE, then oh so carefully place her in the Rock n Play sleeper (that I had pulled down from the 3rd floor around 3:30am while holding a fussing baby). The second I lay her down she gets the HICCUPS. Cue the silent "Nooooooooo!" being screamed in my head.

We recommence soothing techniques for another 20-30 minutes until hiccups are gone, baby asleep.

6:30am: Iyla wakes. I feed & change her, swaddle & shhhh her as I see inklings of fussy time creeping in. Finally at around 7:30 she is out again, and I climb carefully into bed. This is about the time BC is leaving for work, and since I am somewhat awake I motion for him to come over and kiss me goodbye. Then he leans in to give the sleeping baby a kiss. Cue another silent "Noooooooooo!" as my body tenses & waits. Baby is still asleep. BC heads out. The second the bedroom door closes she is whimpering and up.


Sam, the new house rule applies to you too! 
Back away from the baby....

So what's a girl to do after a night like that? Head to my favorite local coffee shop and pray Iyla stays asleep long enough to allow me a delicious cappuccino & omelet. So far so good (I am working from said coffee shop as we speak).

There is definitely an evolutionary reason babies are so cute. 
How can you be mad at this face?

Here are a few recent updates on some of my previous posts:

I am doing MUCH better on all fronts. The tearfulness is pretty much gone, and Iyla and I are getting into a good groove together. We try to get out at least once a day on an outing, which really helps me feel like I am still part of the world. We even took her to a colleagues' Holiday party Saturday night! I am realizing that with children, the minute you think you are in a nice pattern & flow with something they mix it up on you (per this post!)... so the best you can do is expect the unexpected.

My migraines have also drastically improved since getting a massage a week ago. Courtney at Workwell Austin is amazing- any local Austinites should definitely give her a call. Workwell has a monthly membership where for $50/month you get a massage/month.  BC and I have a family membership- so for $90/month we both get a massage, breaking it down to just $45/session. I think they should call this the "New Parent Survival Package."

And as expected, BC and I quickly & lovingly worked out the golfing concerns. He is planning to golf every other week now, and also has been awesome at giving me breaks when I need them to run to the grocery store/etc. This is such a new experience for both of us, but historically we really strive to keep our communication open & work to nurture one another.  I am very lucky to have this sweet man as my husband!

I did hear back from my Pediatrician regarding Iyla's fussy nights, in addition to chatting with another good friend in Boulder who is also a Pediatrician. The consensus was it sounded like bouts of colic (nooooooo!) and likely not reflux or anything food related. Apparently around 4 weeks babies' immature digestive tracks peak, and this is typically the time that more fussiness is observed. It is totally normal & does eventually pass. The best you can do as parents is to get a good arsenal of soothing techniques, and we have promptly put "The Happiest Baby on the Block's" five S's to work.  Our nights have looked like this:

Wednesday 7:30: first night of inconsolable fussing, lasting a few hours

Thursday 7:30: more inconsolable fussing until about 11:30pm

Friday 7:30: fussing begins. My Pediatrician had mentioned that many times babies want to cluster feed during these colic episodes and just feel snuggled & close to mom. So BC and I shifted things up- instead of him doing the nightly bottle I kept Iyla, and commenced the five S's! After feeding I swaddled her- arms and all!- held her close to me on her side, gave her a pacifier to suck, swayed & rocked her, and made the shhhhhing sound in her ear. I also think I sprained my wrist in the process- that's how serious this soothing business was! I put her in my ring sling and just kept her close. She pacified after about 20 minutes and stayed calm! Amazing.

Saturday: No fussy time!

Sunday: Some fussing in the evening which was quickly rectified with holding her close on her side & giving the pacifier while rocking & shhhing. Our early morning fussy session saw me doing these same techniques- they definitely work to calm her, but it can still take quite awhile for her to actually fall asleep- meaning I have to hold & soothe her until she does pass out.

One quote I've heard that I keep constantly in mind is "this too shall pass." I am working to enjoy this little creature through the good and the rough times, realizing it all goes by so quickly and before we know it this fussiness will be a thing of the past (please?).

Iyla hasn't gone on the potty again since the 4 miraculous times yesterday. To this I say: maybe she prefers to go to the University of Texas... and PAY HER OWN WAY. ; )

Yesterday our good friends Andy, Julie, & Lily came by to visit Iyla & have dinner together. Lily is 8 years old and just LOVES little Iyla. She brought her a huge gift bag of adorable presents! So sweet.

Modeling one of the Christmas hats Lily brought for Iyla. If this kiddo wants to keep us up all night, we will get revenge with plenty of embarrassing photos! Which of course will be pulled out to show all of her future boyfriends.  


  1. She is adorable!! Colic is the devil.... We found the Moby to help out our little guy with colic. What worked one time wouldn't work the next time to soothe was so frustrating!! Time was really the only thing that worked-finally at 10 weeks the fussy periods started to wean and by 3 months they are gone! Ilya is adorable!!!!

  2. My baby colic turned out to be dairy! If the fussy time starts getting longer and longer then I highly suggest cutting out dairy for a full 3 weeks to see if it helps, it helped us IMMENSELY as the baby went from the fussy you're describing to fussy anytime he was awake and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Good luck!!!