Saturday, August 18, 2012

These Hips Don't Lie

Shakira, you were right: these hips definitely don't lie.

I've been noticing on this vacation that my oh-so-stretchy capri denim pants have been getting harder and harder to pull over my hips, causing me to have to shimmy them back and forth to ease them up to their final resting place.

Then the other night, while wearing my woobie pants (my term of endearment for the velour track pants I wear around the house) I caught a glimpse of myself in the hotel mirror. Things definitely looked, well.... wider.

Thinking/hoping that perhaps it was just the hotel mirror, I commented to BC that my hips seemed to look different- to which he replied WAY too quickly: "yeah, your shape has definitely changed." When he saw my jaw noticeably drop to the ground in response (isn't it the husband's duty to white lie about
these things?) he gleefully added "well, you're pregnant!" Thanks, BC, for that memo.

I then decided it was time to do my trusty Squeeze Test. This is something I started doing years ago to ascertain the level of tightness/fitness in my hind quarters. It goes like this:

*Stand in front of the mirror, preferably with just your skivvies on
*Squeeze your butt tightly
*Notice any differentials on the sides of your hips/thighs- if many inches disappear with the squeeze, it is time to tighten that shizzy up!

This Squeeze Test? Interestingly enough, there wasn't much of a differential. Good in one sense that the expansion doesn't seem to be due to butt flab, but wow- it definitely confirms that my hips have officially spread! It absolutely blows my mind how one's body shifts to accommodate pregnancy & the anticipation of giving birth.

So I guess in addition to losing my belly button in New Mexico, I've also gone through a hip expansion. That's it: if these are the sorts of things that happen when I travel, then no more vacations for me until after this pregnancy is over! 

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  1. Yeah it is pretty crazy how pregnancy affects the WHOLE body. I have terrible arthritis now because my joints all over my body are loosening which is making everything so stiff in the mornings especially.