Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dental Hygienist Overshares with Captive Patient

I just had a dental appointment where my pregnancy prompted WAY too much oversharing by the hygienist. As I was being held captive with my mouth agape & sharp tools scraping away, she proceeded to tell me about her 3 birth experiences (in WAY more detail than this):

#1- epidural never took and she had the most insane pain of her life, leading to an emergency c-section

#2-went into pre-term labor at 4.5 months & had to deliver a stillborn son

(story of a miscarriage she had at 8 weeks inserted here)...

#3-had a picture perfect VBAC labor- but as the baby descended both her uterus and bladder 
ruptured, and she had to have an emergency hysterectomy & bladder reconstruction.

REALLY LADY? You think I really want to hear all of that? I wanted to take one of those scrapers & poke her eyes out. My jaw ached after the appointment from all the tension clenching I was doing.

 At least my teeth are sparkly clean....


  1. What pregnant lady would want to know those stories?!?!?!?! How horrifying! Especially how it ends up she needs to get a hysterectomy / bladder reconstruction! If maybe there was a happy ending to the story (besides the fact that she is alive and I assume so is the baby) then I could see a reason for telling it, but no. That story is kept to yourself around pregnant ladies. YIKES.

  2. What was she thinking? Sounds like she needs a therapist to talk to and not random patients...
    She definitely overshared!!!

  3. Aggh, so sorry for you. I had a similar experience with my hairdresser while pregnant with Noah. People don't remember/realize that pregnancy is an impressionable and vulnerable time and women need positive, joyous birth stories to build their confidence.

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