Saturday, September 1, 2012

Me and Jennifer Aniston (and 28 Week Updates)

I ran into Jennifer Aniston in a children's clothing store. She was pregnant with boy/girl twins & loading up her cart with cute discounted outfits. She told me all about the decor ideas she was working on for her nursery, and I shared with her my tips for great cribs & baby products. We were just about to become official Facebook friends when....

I woke up. Damn.

Jen- it was fun while it lasted! I think we totally could have been BFF's. You were my official Facebook Doppelgänger for "Doppelgänger Week" a few years back- I get told I resemble you quite often. And I think my boobs might *finally* be bigger than yours.

 Here are my 28 week updates:

How far along? 28 weeks today

How big is baby? The size of a papaya, just over 2 lbs and almost 15 inches long. At my doctor appointment Thursday my belly was measuring right on schedule (take THAT, all you strangers who keep saying I am "so small!") The baby's energy is now very focused on gaining fat & muscle tone. This week she will begin to blink and will also start developing her first stool for some tar-like post delivery fun! 

Weight gain? Hovering around the 14lb mark- this morning I was up 14.8 lbs.

28 week belly

Food cravings/aversions? Still don't want anything to do with red meat, and the package of cheese cubes in the fridge has definitely been neglected. This week I had french toast a couple of times and it was HEAVEN- guess that is somewhat like a baked good, which continue to rock my world. Sweets things in general have been tasting great to me- Cliff bars, apples, watermelon, cereal.... I am saying many prayers that I passed the glucose intolerance test I took Thursday (results will be in next week) so I don't have to curb the sweets!

Sleep? Still good. I had my first episode last night where I awoke on my back and could feel my own pulse pumping away- which immediately signaled me to shift to my side so I wasn't lying so flat.


* I am pretty sure we had a couple rounds of baby hiccups this week! It felt like very rhythmic, quick taps that would continue for 5-10 minutes. She got the hiccups immediately after a home yoga session I did- guess all that extra blood flow & activity got her revved up.

*The Braxton Hicks (or, shall I say Braxton DICKS) seem to be here to stay. I actually had a freak out Saturday evening- as they were coming every 3-5 minutes. I paged my OB office- which transferred me directly to my midwife. She told me to take a full dose of Tylenol, get in the bath for 30 minutes, lay down for 30 minutes, then call her back. The contractions finally started to space out more once I was in bed. When I called her back she said "if it were me, I'd have a glass of wine (which apparently is a uterine relaxant) and get in bed." Twist my arm! I raided our fridge and happily found a bottle of white, had a small glass with some leftover Chinese food and hit the sack. I still have daily contractions, but there isn't any pain or sequence to them- so thus they are "normal." My midwife said if they were to be true pre-term labor they would have a consistency to them that would NOT go away, no matter what tricks I used. These are my body's way of practicing for the 'big day,' and at this rate I am going to be a contraction expert!

*I feel the baby moving on and off all throughout the day- and I think she has found a new place to hang out in my belly. The flipping/moving sensations are now REALLY low down- almost like my lady parts are flip flopping themselves. It is wild and makes me jump every time it happens. She still has room to move pretty freely in there, and I am curious where she is actually sitting at any given time in the day. I also swear she is starting to get interactive- when I feel her kick or punch, I gently poke that part of my belly & she inevitably pokes back. Pretty awesome.

Most looking forward to?

*I have another ultrasound to check for growth toward the end of September, and BC is planning to join! We're going to go back to that fancy clinic that has the 3D viewing technology. Normally women at this stage of pregnancy don't have any more ultrasounds, but b/c of my fibroid I get a bit of special treatment (thanks Franny!).

*We also have a couple classes this month- we're going to a free infant care class & Pediatrician Meet and Greet on the 11th, then begin our 6 week Hypnobirthing series at the end of the month.

*I am also having a lot of fun with a website I discovered called "" that allows you to make picture collages. I am working on a collage of my belly shots so far- it is so fascinating to see the sequence of growth. I'll post that collage in my next post...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow! A glass of wine and go to bed! I've never heard of that, but okay, if it works! I regularly have contractions every 5-8 minutes, but they aren't painful (actually most of them I don't even know are happening, I only know they are going on when I'm hooked up to a monitor, which has happened kind of frequently lately). Hopefully yours will stay calm now :)