Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belly Collage

Thanks to, I've found a way to make a collage of my belly shots, which I've been wanting to do for awhile. These are overall pretty sequential- starting at 5 weeks (I look so skinny! My boobs were so much smaller!)- then jumping to 9 weeks. The only other "skip" is 12 weeks b/c at that doctor appointment I learned my due date was almost a week ahead of what I thought. Hopefully these pull up larger than they appear here:

And here's a collage just comparing weeks 5, 15, 21, & 28:

It is interesting to me that between weeks 21 and 28 it doesn't look like I am sticking out that much further forward, but the shape of my bump has definitely changed & filled in more above and below my belly button. It's funny to me now that I thought I was so big at 15 weeks! Just looks like I ate a big dinner (which I probably did).

I've got about 12 more weeks to grow, grow, grow.... looking forward to seeing my belly's complete metamorphosis!

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