Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nursery Progress!

I have had so much fun over the weekend finally getting our nursery pulled together. And I think the major pieces are now all in place! I still need more wall art, and also need to decide what to do in the space above our rocker/glider (hanging branch? Pendant light? Corner shelves?) I also am looking to replace the nightstands next to the crib, which are extremely light weight and could tip easily. I hope to find really sturdy, heavy nightstands that have open shelves, so they can also double as bookshelves.

Here is the progress so far in photos:

 I stopped by SO many stores over the weekend! Garden Ridge rocked it with the best prices & selections. I loved these lamp shades!

 I also scored that sweet bird painting for only $10. It is the only piece of art that I have so far, but a good start.

Nothing terribly exciting going on with the dresser/hutch yet- this will become the changing station & I will fill several baskets with toys & supplies on the shelves.

 Love the bank of windows in this bedroom.

Our rocker/glider! The wall behind it is the one I am really waiting for creative inspiration on. The rocker itself is super comfortable- the fabric isn't as high of a quality as I'd hoped, and I also wonder if having a reclining option would have been wise (for napping). The other strange thing? The ottoman ALSO rocks back and forth! That was a total surprise- not something I prefer, but overall I still love the aesthetics of the chair. I think it fits perfectly with the room.

 BC has spent almost every evening reading in his beloved new chair.

 Finally found the perfect rug (after literally going to over 10 stores)- only $69 at Target! Super plush & soft.

Sam is quite pleased with the new rug. He was kneading a LOT of bread on that thing!

It feels SO good to have this space starting to come together. The only real finish out items remaining are to put things on the walls & to wash & organize all of the baby clothes & items. It is so exciting to think of our daughter growing up in this beautiful, sunny room! We are so excited to meet her.

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