Saturday, September 15, 2012

30 Weeks! And a New Baby

First things first- my cousin Amy had her baby boy yesterday! I guess that would make him my 2nd cousin, but it is easier to think of myself as an Auntie to this sweet little one. It has been so awesome to both be pregnant together- we grew up like sisters, and are so thrilled our kiddos will be so close in age.

Look at all that HAIR! He looks just like Amy did as a baby.
Liam Matthew 
Born 9/14 at 2:20 am
9lbs 7oz
21-3/4" long

Somehow hitting the 30 week mark feels like an exclamation to me- another milestone in our pregnancy journey. It also signals how close we are getting to meeting our little girl- I can't believe she could be here as soon as 7-8 weeks from now! That fact alone has re-kicked my schizophrenic night brain into high gear- I finally had a couple luxurious full nights of sleep, and then last night the schizo brain was in full affect again, making for a very sleepy day today.

Yesterday we finally procured folks wanting to rent out our house for the Austin City Limits music festival- and they'll be staying here for 5 nights from October 10th-15th. I am thrilled it is 2 adult couples, as that means I don't have to prep extra beds/bedding! We decided after our first round of renting out our house last March (right when we conceived!) that this was an excellent way to make some side income, and are happy to be squeaking in a bit more as the countdown to baby time draws near. However, with renters coming to stay in less than a month, there are a LOT of to-do's to be done! Here are my lists so far:

For our house:
*Assemble a welcome basket of snacks/coffee/treats
*Put together the 'house rules' booklet, including local Austin recommendations
*Clear out bedroom dresser drawers & closet space for guests
*Repair the tears in our leather couches
*Clean out our fridge & pantry
*Organize & store all of the baby loot currently accumulating in my office
*Have house professionally cleaned

For the studio apartment above our garage where we'll be staying:
*Good lord- FINISH IT so it is habitable! Contractors think they should have it far enough along by the weekend prior to ACL for us to start moving into. It won't have flooring yet, but we'll rough it as needed.
*Purchase an HVAC unit (probably a "split" unit that mounts on the wall)
*Purchase a pull out bed and dining table/chairs (we might just throw an air mattress up there short term)
*Purchase a microwave
*Stock the kitchen with basic cookware, utensils, plates, cups, etc
*Install a clothes bar in the closet

There are a million other tiny items we'll need to move in there to live for almost a week, but this list covers the bare necessities.

In other news- two huge boxes of baby girl clothes were delivered to me yesterday from my dear friend Jenny. She has 2 and 4 year old daughters, and I am definitely lucking out to be receiving their hand me downs! So many cute items- and so many things we actually needed to supplement the gazillions of stash of clothes I've already accumulated (things like zip up sleepers, sleep sacks, side snap t-shirts, and newborn pants). This is the stash as it looked upon first unpacking it (note that I piled clothes on top of each other in a somewhat organized fashion- there are a LOT of clothes here):

And this is moments later- Sam was pretty pleased with his new baby girl clothes bed:

On to my 30 week updates!

How far along? 30 weeks today

How big is baby? She has reached the size of a butternut squash - nearing the 3 pound mark and about 16 inches long. Her bone marrow is now producing red blood cells, she can produce tears, and her lungs are active and maturing more every day. I can feel her hiccuping at least once a day now.

Weight gain? My scale hit 125 this morning! That is a total of 17 lbs gained so far (up 1.5 lbs from last week!). They say the weight gain comes faster at the end (often up to a pound a week)- and at this rate, I bet I hit around 30 total pounds when all is said and done. While doing wash yesterday I was lounging in my skivvies and had a moment where I was a bit alarmed at the state of my thighs. They are still not sucking up much with my trusty 'squeeze test,' but I think they have definitely filled in the space between where my hips were originally and where they have now spread.

The weather in Austin has finally started cooling down- and last night I put on a top I'd last worn one month ago in New Mexico. It barely covered my belly! I am going to have to start getting creative in the next two months with my wardrobe- don't want to invest a lot of money in new maternity clothes, but definitely need to find things that can contain my expansion in a tasteful way.

30 week belly- and JEANS! 
First time I've worn jeans in Austin since maybe last March.

Sleep? Ack- still waking WAY too early every day this week. I had a blissful 2 nights of super long, sound sleep Wednesday & Thursday night- but last night my brain went WAY into overdrive making mental lists of all the prep we needed to do with our house, our studio, my job, etc. I am a sleepy girl today.

Food cravings/aversions? Pretty much the same- not wanting anything to do with meats, but definitely loving fish & veggies, along with apples & watermelons. My sweet tooth is also still going strong.

Symptoms? Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks. They seem to pick up as the day goes on, peaking in the evenings. They made an early appearance this morning, which was extra special. They don't have any pain associated with them but are super uncomfortable and constricting- and make it really hard to walk while they are occurring.

I am starting to slow down more and more. I attempted a home yoga practice yesterday only to realize that many moves are becoming uncomfortable and difficult- including any forward bending poses. Definitely restricts what I can do to keep in shape- hopefully between my push-ups and lunges I can maintain things at a minimal level until after this baby is born.

Most looking forward to? My upcoming appointments- I have a regular doctor appointment next week, then the following week we get to see our little lady on another ultrasound at the fancy clinic that has 3D capabilities! BC will be along for that appointment, and I can't wait to see how our little one has grown.


  1. Just to be the nerd that I am I have to point out that baby Liam is actually your first cousin once removed and will be your daughter's 2nd cousin =) Oh how I love genealogy!
    And OMG what a big baby he is!!! Jett was about that size at 5 weeks and I can't imagine one coming out that big!!!
    You're almost down to single digit weeks, so exciting!
    And as to the weight gain, I found that I gained the most in the 2nd trimester and didn't gain much at all in those 30's weeks and you're on a similar track as me as far as weight gain goes. I bet you keep it under 25 lbs gained the whole pregnancy!

    1. Ha- thanks for keeping me honest (nerd!) ; ) It will be interesting to see if that is true about the weight gain- I am OK with however it shakes out- whatever it takes to get this baby here at a healthy weight (and hopefully NOT an almost 10 pounder like my cousin had!)

  2. You scared me with that headline. I thought your baby had arrived super early. Glad that's not the case.