Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Glucose BOOclose

Do you know what stinks more than having to take the 1 hour Glucose Challenge Test (having to fast, then drink the nasty sugary drink, then give blood) which I took last week?

Getting a call from your doctor's office that the lab they sent your blood sample to let it sit in the sun too long and you have to re-take the test.

Seriously?!?! How does that happen?

So tomorrow morning marks Round #2 of my 1 hour Glucose Test, with all the fabulous bells and whistles repeated. My blood draw will be at the blood station where I spent WAY too much time as an infertility patient- the one where good ole' Snake Eyes resides- and where the draws can totally be hit or miss.

I had BETTER pass this thing....

1 comment:

  1. Ooh! guess what I learned! There are different FLAVORS of that drink! I had the lime flavor last time instead of the orange and it totally made the urge to vomit way less strong. Something about the orange taste is just disgusting to me. Maybe your clinic stocks different flavors? They didn't offer me a different flavor the first time, but I had to have it twice because I failed the first one and they gave me a choice the second time.