Friday, August 24, 2012

A Love Letter

Sorry BC- this one isn't for you. ; )

I'd just like to express how incredibly thankful I am for the team we are putting together toward the birth of our little girl. At my previous OB GYN office- when I had a question about something, I'd call into the main receptionist, then be transferred to the nurse's voicemail. I was lucky if I heard anything back within 3 hours, and I was pretty sure that nurse didn't really know who I was.

Fast forward to today. I had a couple occasions to call into my new OB GYN office- Nurture OBGYN- b/c I am a bona fide freak first time pregnant lady.

The first call was to inquire about the fact that my weight has gone down 2 pounds this week. It is true that I've been a bit more 'regular' since returning from our trip (I found prune juice at our local Central Market! The joy!) while also craving smaller, lighter meals- but I still thought it was a little strange to be losing weight. Immediately upon calling in, the receptionist who picked up put my mind at total ease, and said if I wanted more reassurance she'd transfer me to the nurse.

Yes, please.

And the nurse was right THERE on the line when the transfer happened! Amazing. And how sad is it that customer service and care like that feels so unusual, when really that should be the norm? The nurse was also extremely reassuring that these fluctuations were normal. If weight loss continued for weeks on end then we'd definitely want to check on the growth of the baby, but given the other circumstances this week it sounded like a normal fluctuation.

I've also noticed this past week that occasionally my stomach will get really really tight and hard to each side of my belly button, where I can literally feel rock hard outlines of the baby (or what I assume is the baby). I thought it was just our little one moving and adjusting, but today the repeated tightness was so constant I began thinking perhaps I've started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions. So again I called the doctor's office. This time I got the general voicemail and left a message. Within 15 minutes I had a call back from an amazing nurse reassuring me that these did indeed sound like Braxton Hicks, and were TOTALLY NORMAL. The cause for concern would be if they became very painful and hard to breathe or talk through. Neither is the case for me- these are just a full on tightening, a bit uncomfortable, with ever so slight period like cramps mingled in. These apparently are much more common in one's 3rd trimester- and lo and behold- I enter my 3rd trimester tomorrow (holy S***!).

On another note? We hired a doula!! We had our last 2 interviews this week. The first of the two was with a woman who came highly recommended (one of 4 finalists in Austin's Birth Awards)- and was known & loved by the ladies at Nurture OBGYN (who are also nominated in the Birth Awards!). She has 17 years of experience. She was extremely knowledgeable & funny. Very personable. AND she writes a personal birth story for each client of hers, detailing everything about the birth journey & experience. The icing on top? BC was not attracted to her.

Our next interview the following evening was with an equally recommended doula- but we definitely didn't feel the same connection, which I was somewhat grateful for.... making our final choice crystal clear.

I did learn something about BC through this interview process. When we were speaking with THE doula (our doula!) we were talking about the different classes that would be wise to take in preparation for birth. I mentioned I'd heard taking a breastfeeding class would be helpful, but that this was probably something BC wouldn't need to attend? As our doula quickly replied how important it was for BC to also be there to learn & help, BC turned to me in all earnestness and said "I WANT to be there and learn!" Cue me in total shock. I don't know why, but I had just assumed he wouldn't be interested in that kind of stuff, particularly breastfeeding tutorials. When I told him as much, his stone cold response was "I LIKE boobs!"

Nice BC. I think our doula appreciated this tidbit as well.

Overall I am just feeling so blessed to be assembling such an awesome group of providers to help BC and I on this journey. Just 3 months to go.... bring on the 3rd trimester!


  1. Love that your new clinic has such great service. It is always amazing (and a bit sad) when we're so shocked by service that is as it should be.

    I'm sure my hubby would have pipped up that he likes boobs too. lol

  2. Yay, having the right people at the baby's birth is SO IMPORTANT! And having BC knowledgeable about breastfeeding is very wise. You'll need someone to help take care of YOU while you take care of baby's nursing needs.