Saturday, July 22, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Eloise!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are ONE YEAR OLD! Where has the time gone? It's so true what they say- that the days are long but the years are short. It seems like you've always been with us, and yet I still can't believe an entire year has gone by.

Here's what was going on one year ago today:

And here you are now!

At one year old, you are a funny, determined, strong, smart, affectionate, vocal little girl. You are currently in an "all Mama all the time" attachment phase, reminiscent of your first 3.5 months in the world!

You LOVE your big sister, and enjoy yelling out "EYE-YA!" throughout the day. One of your favorite games is the "Get Iyla" game- where big sister runs somewhere, hides, and you hold onto my hand as we toddle around to go find her. Once discovered, your SHRIEK with delight and grab her. It's the sweetest.

Here are your official ONE YEAR OLD updates!

How old? One year today!

How big? We'll see your doc on Monday (I wanted to delay your vaccinations) and I'll update with official stats then. Unofficially? I got on the scale with you, and it looks like you are 22 pounds (and I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight- woot!) You are still most comfortably wearing 18-24 month old clothing, have moved into size 5 diapers, and wear a size 3 shoe.

Update: at your doctor appointment you were 21 pounds 13 oz (75%), 31 1/4 inches tall (98%), with a head circumference of 18 1/8. Staying right on your (giant baby) growth curve!

Sleep? Your current routine is to go to bed between 7-7:15pm and sleep through until 6:30-7am. You take a first nap around 9:15-9:30 for 1-1.5 hours, then another nap 3 hours after your awaken from the first.

Potty? You sit on your potty in the morning, after each nap, and before bedtime. You are still doing 98% of your #2's on there, and many many #1's as well! You love your potty time, as we sit and read book after book. You will shuffle through your book basket and thrust whichever book you want read at me with a loud grunt.

Food? Happily that food strike from last month only lasted a week, and you are back to your voracious, adventuresome self! You continue to nurse about 4-5x/day and get a bottle of formula before bed. I also JUST introduced whole milk to you in a straw cup. It was fun to watch you experience the taste for the first time, and you appear to love that as well!

You've taken to ripping off your own bib and wiping your food covered hands all across your head at meal times. Fun for you, not so fun for Mama!

Teeth? Still sitting at 6 teeth- 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. No new teeth this past month!

Words? So many! Not all would be decipherable by people who don't know you, but it is clear to me when you are naming something. A couple cute new words this month are "cheese" and "undies." Undies comes from one of your potty books- on the last page there are pictures of lots of different pairs of underwear and you love to help exclaim "UNDIES!" when we get there.

Other words in your repertoire: Papa, up, down, Iyla, this, that, all done, cat, dog, ba (for sheep), "p" for poop, "da" for yes, "ah" for eye (while you poke at ours), and signing milk, more, poop, fan, and panting like a dog, You point at EVERYTHING in books and love when I name things for you.

Mobility? This was a big month in that you started walking ALL BY YOURSELF. You had that moment I remember with Iyla when things just "clicked." You broke this new skill out in earnest the evening of July 10th and again the next night at music class.... then went into a full week of walking hibernation. I think due to your sensitive nature you realized that this new skill came with occasional wipe outs, so you pressed PAUSE and again wanted to hold onto a finger while walking.

However, this past week you got your confidence back and now are wanting to toddle around all.the.time!

Here are a couple videos from that very first night of walking:

Oddly enough, you are now also trying to crawl. You haven't quite mastered it, but are showing signs of getting there!

Yesterday you also figured out how to get to a sitting position from lying down, which meant during nap time you were sitting up and starting to try to pull up on your crib. Cue us having to lower your crib mattress down to the lowest setting!

Favorite things?

*Eye wear. You LOVE goggles, sunglasses, and play glasses- you'll carry them by mouth or hand, and thrust them at us to help you put them on. It's pretty hilarious.

*Small stuffed kitty and fox. Papa and I brought these home for you from San Antonio and you LOVE them! Your shriek when you see them and want to hold them while trying to walk.

*Music. You continue to love toys that are musical, and singing songs with us!

*Shoes. You LOVE Iyla's shoes, and you LOVE your pair of Mini Melissa Mary Janes. You will grab these and hold them to your feet, "asking" that we put them on you.

*Walking walking walking. All day every day.

*Swim class. Happily you are VERY into it this month, loving your teacher and all the activities. You can hold your breath for up to 9 seconds under water, and LOVE to jump in off the edge to me while I chant the "Humpty Dumpty" rhyme to you.

Least favorite things?

*Sitting. You get SO MAD when anyone tries to sit you down. You've perfected the defiant arching and stiffening of your back which makes sitting you IMPOSSIBLE. My only hope is enticing you with something new (or your shoes!) so you'll sit for a moment to investigate it- then running away as fast as I can to get out of your sight. If you see me, you want me to WALK WITH YOU!

"Up, Mama!"

*Diaper changes. Primarily because this involves having to lie down! You become a roly-poly and we have to wrestle you into place to get that thing on.

*Any kind of hood. You hate hooded towels and immediately try to pull them off your head!

And herein I bring you a montage of your "fuss face." It's pretty epic and hilarious!

New skills?

*Turning yourself around in restaurant high chairs. You are quite pleased with yourself on this one!

*Alternating lifting up your feet to "walk" up and down stairs. You LOVE practicing this while we hold your hands.

*Blowing kisses. So cute! You make smacking noises with your mouth and will cover it with your hands to blow a kiss.

*Pulling off your own bib. I don't love this one!

*Pointing out our eyes and nose when prompted. You say "ah!" for eyes and "oh" for nose.

*Getting into a sitting position from laying down. I watched you figure this out via your nap monitor!

Here are a few (ok, maybe more than a few!) photos from your past month:

A visit from our friends Jenna and Gavin and their two little ones

Play date with little Oscar, who is 2 days younger than you

And several photos from two different birthday shoots I attempted with you. These were so hard to do, as you didn't want to SIT- you just wanted to be UP toddling around!

Happy Birthday darling girl! We love you to the moon and back and are SO grateful you joined our family one year ago today!

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