Monday, June 26, 2017

Little Warrior's First Steps

One of the meanings of Eloise's name is "warrior," and this description has always been fitting. She is the only one of 3 embryos transferred that survived and thrived, and from day 1 has been a determined little lady with a LOUD voice ready to make her mark in this world.

At 11 months old said determined little lady has yet to move independently, though every.single.thing in her is focused on accomplishing that goal.

Last night however? Our little warrior completed a huge act of bravery. Allow me to set the scene.

Eloise had just had her evening bath & was sitting on her baby potty while I perched atop the regular toilet.

The scene

When she was done going potty, she reached up behind her wanting to pull up on the tub to stand. I assisted her (she has yet to pull to stand on her own) so she could hold onto the tub with both hands.

She then proceeded to cruise alongside the tub toward me and grabbed onto my knees. From there she reached out to the bathroom cabinets, grabbed the knobs, and continued to cruise right along.

When she got to the bathroom door frame she paused and peered into the hallway.

The view into the hallway....

At this point I could absolutely tell she was debating on whether or not to go further- and then all of a sudden she let go of the door frame and WENT FOR IT!

This shows the distance between the bathroom door frame and the hallway wall, which Eloise decided was no big deal

She toddled a few steps and lurched forward to catch herself on the far wall. Unfortunately she leaned a little too severely and ended up falling over, which she was none too pleased about.

But HOLY COW was I amazed at her bravery!

Several times in the last few weeks I've felt her wanting to let go of my hand as we walk around, and unlike her sister Iyla who was SO slow and cautious when she finally broke out walking at 13.5 months, Eloise is more gung-ho and just wants to GO and GO FAST, so I suspect she will have many a spill in her quest to walk.

I don't think it will be long now before our little warrior is off walking entirely on her own, ready to take on the big wide world before her.

Go Eloise, go!

I'm coming for you...

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