Saturday, June 10, 2017

Little Writer

This past week Iyla Grace (4.5 years old) has been showing a lot of interest in writing, and it's just about the cutest thing in the world.

She will illustrate stories in a little notebook, then instruct me on just what to write next to each picture:

 (this is the sad turtle alone on the page)

She also came to me the other day after having colored in a picture of owls and asked: "Mama, what did I write?"

Written beneath the owls was this:

"A-O-O" -which phonetically sounds like "owwww."

I was blown away to say the least! She also had correctly written THREE letters to represent the three letters in the word owl.

I then wrote out the spelling to owl and she worked on writing it herself:

Later that day Iyla very proudly presented me with a picture she'd drawn, where for the first time ever she wrote her own name! Her "Y" was flat on top like a "T," but as she read the letters to me she knew what they were:

We've been playing a lot of sound and word games, a favorite being: "What animal starts with the sound (insert any letter sound, like "b-b-b") and makes honey? We will then guess ("bee!") and ask "what other words start with a b-b-b sound?"

The best thing is the absolute glowing PRIDE this kid has when we read back the stories she's written, or marvel at her adorable drawings. Such a fun stage!

Keep your eyes peeled for further works by Iyla Grace!

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