Thursday, June 22, 2017

11 Months Old!

Sweet Eloise Jane, today you are 11 months old! I can't believe you will be ONE YEAR OLD next month. It's amazing to me how much growth goes on in the span of just one year.

Over the past week you have definitely been in a "growing period." You are examining things in new ways, clinging to us, and holy cow PROTESTING when we don't do exactly what you want us to do!

The tantrums have officially begun. and you will stiffen your entire body, throw your head back, and cry when you don't want to do something. This most often occurs when we try to sit or lay you down for things like clothing or diaper changes.

Your DETERMINATION has never been stronger, and right now everything in you is focused on wanting to practice walking ALL DAY EVERY DAY while holding onto one of our hands. You don't have much interest in walking with walker toys (only a human hand will do) and whoa be it if we try to take a break and sit you down! Cue the tantrums.

You have also been picking up language at an insane rate. Your new favorite word is "EYE-YA!"- which you yell out throughout the day when looking for your sister.

Here are your official 11 month updates!

How old? 11 months today!

 I caught a toothy grin! So insanely cute.

How big? We will measure you again next month- but for now, you are fitting into 18-24 month closing and are ready to move up into a size 5 diaper. I keep moving things Iyla has outgrown directly from her dresser to yours- you can fit into many 2-3 year old shirts & shorts! You wear a size 3 shoe, and have amassed quite a cute collection of walking gear:

The cutest is when you try to "help" me put them on you by holding a shoe up to your foot!

Sleep? You are a great sleeper! At the beginning of this month you were consistently taking 2 TWO hour naps during the day (roughly 9-11 and 2-4) and still sleeping almost 12 hours at night (7pm-7am). However during the past week when you've been in your "growing period," your morning nap is more like 1.5 hours, afternoon 45 minutes.

You have proven you sleep well anywhere there is a dark room and sound machine! We took you to Kansas and napped you at Uncle Chad's, Grandma and Grandpa's, and a hotel, and you slept great at each location. Such a difference from your big sister, who traditionally slept terribly on vacations (though thankfully does well now!)

Food? This past week has been a very unusual one for you. My voracious will-eat-anything girl has unexpectedly gone on a food strike! I never thought I'd see the day, and it's taken me completely by surprise. You are refusing many of your typical favorite foods, and have reverted to mostly wanting baby pouches, mum-mums, and yogurt baby bites. You are nursing on the same schedule, though drinking less at night right before bed. I don't think the strike is due to teething, as by all accounts no new teeth (that I can see) are coming in and you never did this with your first 6 teeth. For now we are just rolling with it, and I hope your voracious appetite returns soon!

Potty? You're doing awesome on your baby potty, even on our trip to Kansas! Almost every #2 is on there with the very rare exception.

Teeth? Two more this month! The teeth to each side of your front teeth have broken through, for a grand total of 6 teeth.



You can say in correct context: Mama, Papa, Iyla (eye-ya), up, all done (ah dah), poop (a "p" sound for this), book (ba), bye bye (ba ba), pant when you see a picture of a dog, and sign "milk," "poop," "all done," and "more." You have started making a "ssss" sounds that sounds like "dis" - often accompanying your pointing at things. You also say "dat" when pointing- it's so cute!

You are awesome at doing motions TO THE BEAT to the songs The Wheels on the Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider, which of course lead us to believe you are a genius.

Singing "The Wheels on the Bus" always snaps you out of a fuss! So funny.

This month you've also starting clicking your tongue and blowing- which you love to do back and forth in a game with us.

Movement? Still NADA.

You will lean on your hands from a sitting position like you miiiight be thinking about crawling, but get REALLY MAD when put on your belly and show no interest in actually moving from a crawling position.
I'm not going anywhere Mama.

Walking however? YES PLEASE! You pretty much want us to help you walk around all day every day. You're getting really good at walking while only having one hand held, and are working so hard to get control of that little body.

Walking walking everywhere!

You have started lifting your right leg when we get to a step, and can lift that little leg HIGH! We practice going up the steps in this manner.

Favorite things?

*The play kitchen! Opening up every cabinet and rearranging the contents.

Practicing standing/cruising at our play kitchen. 
This is one of the rare places you'll actually sit for awhile, opening and emptying every.single.cabinet.

*Having us help you walk around all day every day! You love cruising the backyard and walking on top of rocks. You also love practicing stepping UP.

*Iyla's giant stuffed horse and teddy bear. You squeal in delight at these and often try to carry the horse around with us when we walk.

 Surrounded by your toys- including your favorite horse & teddy bear

*Going for rides in the walker wagon, or pushing Iyla in the wagon.

*You continue to love being outside, and playing with anything water related. Here are some cute shots of you and Iyla when we were setting up our swimming pool:

Post splash pad babies. 
We are so lucky to live within blocks of TWO public pools and a splash pad!

Least favorite things?

*Diaper and clothing changes. You have an instant tantrum when we try to lie you down! You have developed a game where when we lay you down on our bed you'll roll and roll and roll over and over and over again across the bed as we try to pin you down for a diaper or clothes. It's cute but makes it so difficult to get you dressed!

Here are a few more photos from your past month, starting with a couple from Father's Day with your sweet Papa:

This one was TOO good not to zoom in on! Ha.

We love you so much sweet Eloise Jane! Happy 11 months to you.

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