Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013 Review

A little late in posting this (started this post a week ago!)- with two birthdays on the horizon, things have been busy in our neck of the woods.

Iyla had a great first Halloween, despite being sick with a cold. Here are some excerpts from an evening out with our adorable little Bumblebee:

Getting dressed, Iyla was very pleased to see herself in the mirror with her costume on:

She had snacks before heading out:

We started at the Driskill Hotel for cocktails & appetizers with our friend Carey:

Iyla decided she would rather be a lightning bug than a Bumblebee:

Our nanny Veronica stopped by to say hello!

Iyla was strangely transfixed by this creepy hanging head. She kept signing "more!"

She rode a giant jackalope:

Ate some straws:

Cruised down 6th Street:

And had her first Halloween scare at a pizza stand:

BC took a few photos of the two of us before Iyla headed to bed:

Today is my birthday, and BC took the day off to help with Iyla so I could have a gentle, lovely day. So far so good- starting at my fav coffee shop for a quick bite before heading out for my present- an afternoon relaxing at the spa! Can't wait.

Feeling very blessed. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! Didn't realize you and Iyla had birthdays so close together! Jett and I do as well, only 10 days between the 2 of us =)