Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Woman

Phew. It is only 2pm here, and the amount of multi tasking I've done so far today is mind blowing. So far I have:

*Woken with a sick child who absolutely let me know she needed her Mama, then promptly called and cancelled our nanny and my appointments for the day (!)

*Facilitated a plumbing appointment to clear pipes in our bathrooms

*Booked all flights for BC, myself and his mom (who will care for Iyla here at our home) for an upcoming trip to California at the beginning of May- PLUS booked the Couples Retreat we will be participating in

*Prepped for 3 listing appointments I have in the next two days and fielded around 20 other work emails

*Went to grocery store with sick toddler

*While toddler napped, cooked green curry soup from scratch (much needed for Iyla right now!)

*Cleaned up kitchen & did all dishes

*Wrote this blog entry

And now…. back to WORK while Iyla gets some much needed R&R. On the agenda for the afternoon? A lovely, relaxing walk in our gorgeous 75 degree weather. Yes, please!

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