Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nap Time Shenanigans

Lately Iyla has really been shaking things up in the nap department. In the past week alone there have been THREE days where she just sat and played up in her room in lieu of sleeping, and on each of those days I've gone in after an hour to fetch her. Miraculously she does relatively well until bedtime, though she definitely has a shorter fuse. Dare I say the end of naps may be on the horizon?

She's also been pushing her naps out later and later, and on the days she does fall asleep after her hour long party quiet time it's usually 3pm or later. This makes afternoon activities near impossible, as sometimes she will sleep until 4:30 or 5! I am hopeful this will all shake itself out once daylight savings begins- otherwise I'll be re-scheduling a lot of our spring activities.

She's also been experimenting with new spots to nap

The most hilarious nap time shenanigan, however, occurred Sunday afternoon post pumpkin patch.

I had left Iyla's room and as usual, she was up and wandering about her room for "quiet time." She disappeared off of the video monitor into a corner of the room where I couldn't see her. I heard her chatting to herself for awhile before she began to call out "Mama, carry me! Mama, carry!" which admittedly was an odd thing for her to be saying. I spoke to her through the monitor that it was quiet time, and that she should get back into her bed to snuggle her teddy bear. She called back "I can't! Carry me." I then told her I'd be up in a little bit, hoping that would calm her enough toward her getting back into bed.

When the fussing persisted, I finally went up to soothe her and found that little lady stuck sitting inside her garbage can.


It was hilarious, even though she was obviously upset. She clearly hadn't known how to say "I'm stuck in my garbage can," hence the "Mama, carry me!" That poor buddy was probably thinking she'd have to spend her entire nap stuck like that.

Of course I had to take a photo before rescuing her…. so here it is, Iyla Grace stuck in her garbage can at almost 3 years old:

This weekend we will be securing all furniture to the walls, lest she come up with any further shenanigans!

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