Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sleep Miracle at 10.5 Weeks

I so hope posting this doesn't jinx me....

Remember how I mentioned that as a result of Eloise's vaccines we got an amazing night of sleep?

Well, that was one week ago, and- knocking on any and everything wood within a one mile radius- we've had great nights ever since! I'm talking about only waking to nurse 2x/night, and going up to 5 hours in her first sleep shift pretty much nightly.


 Full of surprises, this one

It's nothing short of a sleep miracle. I don't know if her little system reset itself because she was SO tired and slept well those first two nights after vaccines, or if she matured to a point where she would have reset herself anyway, but whatever it is I LIKE IT.

This is a huge change from her waking to nurse 6-7x/night!

Our typical nights now at 10.5 weeks look like this:

Eloise will nap in the 6:15-7pm window. After she nurses and hangs out a bit (playing in her beloved Baby Bjorn chair) we get in a full bath together filled with lavender bath salts. After the bath it's pajamas, swaddle, pacifier, sound machine, lights out, and snuggling while I sing songs until she falls asleep. She'll nap on me usually from 8-9pm or so, then in the 9-9:30 window nurses again.

She loves this seat and has gotten pretty darn good at manipulating the toys!

From there the "long" sleep cycle begins, lasting this past week in the 4.5-5 hour window. Eloise will wake anywhere from 1:30-3am, nurse, and *usually* go back to sleep easily, and we've been getting a solid 2.5-3 hour SECOND sleep cycle, which is amazing! She usually goes right to sleep after that nursing session as well (which is in the 4-5am range)- then is up around 6:30-7am to nurse and go BACK to sleep until 7:45-8am when her little eyes officially pop open. I have been using that last sleep to shower and get ready for the day.

This is all just in time for the huge 12 week growth spurt and "leap" that is coming up, when I'm sure sleep will again go to h*** as it usually does during those periods.

But until then, I am going to savor every night we get of good sleep!

A happy, well rested baby = a happy, well rested Mama!

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