Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Eloise's First Day of Montessori!

Eloise has started at a new school too! She is now attending Iyla's old Montessori school full time.

The week prior to starting, her teachers came for a home visit and we got to spend two mornings playing in her new classroom. Eloise was happy and confident, and even went potty (both 1 and 2) on the classroom potty!

We tested out our new school supplies:

And then at last the day was upon us! Eloise cooperated for photos as well as might be expected for a 2 year old:

When we got to the school, she exclaimed "I 'cited!" and marched in like she owned the place.

She happily got to work playing on the playground with new friends:

Hoping for a great year for my sweet baby girl!

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