Monday, August 8, 2011

Tevas, Come Home!

I am holding a vigil for my beloved Teva sandals.

These weren't just any Tevas-- the traditional Teva design is one that has never worked for my flat, wide feet, as they are designed for those with high arches, always making my my feet cramp. MY Teva sandals were one of a kind. They found me about 5 years ago at the Whole Earth store, and were more of a flip-flop design- though in lieu of the flip-flop strap, they had a toe loop, which was how I found love at first try-on. I've never been able to wear flip-flops, so these fabulous Tevas were an exception on every front.

My Tevas and I had an awesome life together. We went hiking and to yoga classes. Hit all the fabulous stores in town. Toured Europe, basked on beaches, and relaxed at lovely spas. They were indestructable, always up for an adventure, and oh so loved.

But now my Tevas are gone, and admittedly, it is partly my fault. They came with me to my weekly Pilates class, and as usual, waited patiently on the wooden shoe shelves for me to finish strengthening my core. However, on this fated Wednesday, I'd brought another pair of dress shoes to change into after class, and (gasp!) left my Tevas at the studio.

Realizing my error the following morning, I called the studio, to be told my Tevas were indeed there hanging out in the same place I'd left them (so loyal!). I went by the next day (Friday) to get them, and was greeted by a perplexed Pilates teacher. "They were here yesterday- I SAW them- but I have no idea where they've gone!"

Then the case cracked open a bit- another studio member called in, and had apparently, in her post-workout-mind-fog-bliss, worn MY Tevas out instead of her own sandals (who DOES that?). My Tevas took a trip to Whole Foods on foreign feet before being promtly returned to the studio. This woman allegedly handed said Tevas back to the front desk girl, who then put them in Lost & Found. That is the last time my Tevas were heard from, and they are now officially missing again without a trace.

Tevas, where are you? Who could have mistaken you for their own? I can only speculate that someone saw your beautiful blue & purple blended straps & was powerless to resist you. I feel very angry that someone would take you like that, and sincerely hope that you are being treated well. I hope this someone's feet don't sweat & smell, and that you aren't being chewed on by this person's pets.

They literally don't create Tevas like you anymore (don't hate me b/c I looked!), and there is definitely a hole in my heart and an insatiable itch on my feet. Please come home, Tevas. I love you.

My tevas and I in happier days. This was the only picture of them I could find, and speaks to the genuine joy we shared.

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