Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cherishing the Moment

Today as I started Iyla's nap routine, I luxuriated in one of my favorite moments with her- one that I have been meaning to write down.

As we begin walking upstairs for nap or bed time, there is always a bit of protesting as Iyla suddenly realizes how tired she is and that sleep is soon to follow.

I enter her room, close the door, turn on the sound machine & head to her crib to grab a pacifier. The SECOND that pacifier is in her mouth, her little head immediately falls to my shoulder as she nuzzles into me.

And every time, I melt. It is absolutely the sweetest, coziest, most heart swelling feeling in the world. I wish I could stay in that moment forever or at the very least bottle up that amazing feeling.

I know these sweet moments with her are fleeting, and as such I cherish them dearly. What a privilege it is being this little lady's Mama.

Sweet Iyla Grace- melting hearts since November 2012

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