Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

Better late than never, I bring you a recap of our Christmas through photos:

Christmas #1 in Houston. 
Iyla sitting pretty with her Nutcracker friends.

With BC and my mom (aka "Mimi")

This girl cannot read enough!

Costume change post nap- time to open presents!

'I'll take that one, and that one, and that one….'

New ride from Uncle Andy

Cindy Lou Who peeking over the banister at bedtime

Christmas Eve Day was absolutely gorgeous!

We swung by our beloved Driskill Hotel for some snacks & libations

Christmas morning! This kid slept until almost 7:30- too bad I was up at 5:45.

Family Christmas

Iyla's big present this year!

Family arrived in the afternoon, and Iyla was ready to roll 

Cousins Heather & Shanny & Aunt Sheri

My brother Andy

Heather and Patrick

Santa came (by some serious persuasion)

Iyla reacted as I suspected she would, and my dad- AKA "Santa," was mortified

Recovering at a safe distance

Still not sure as Heather takes the hot seat

Keeping an eye (and foot) on Santa

'Oh wait, you have a present for me?'

'Did you guys see this? Santa brings PRESENTS!'

'Wait… socks?'

'Socks! Socks!'

We then piled on for some photo ops

And tried to use my brother's dog as bait for her to stay on Santa's lap….

It worked! 

Present time. 'Oooo- watermelon!'

'It breaks apart?'

'Really? That's all it does?' Tough crowd.

First bonfire!

This shot is way cropped because….

No one told me you could see almost all the way up my leg! Geez.

Shanny with Santa

Iyla had so much fun!

Doggy kisses

With sweet Aunt Jeannine

It was a fun filled whirlwind, and we had a blast celebrating with everyone!

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