Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Going Vertical

In the past week, Iyla has discovered that there is a whole new physical dimensional out there: that of going vertical.

It all started with some blue storage tubs we had out to clean up Christmas with (yes, it was Christmas in our house until mid- January! No judging). Iyla was excited to find that she could crouch down and climb inside these tubs. Big discovery and lots of fun! She would put various toys inside the tub, then climb in and retrieve them.

Mind blown

Later that same day, she also discovered she could crouch down and get past our dining room chairs that were strategically blocking the path to Sam's cat food.

Iyla Grace: 1, Parents: 0

Nanny cam of Iyla playing on a dining room chair. She still can't climb onto it herself, but obviously delights in getting to view the world from a new vantage point!

Her awareness of this new world then extended further into Sam's litter box, much to our dismay. Seems someone is dropping the hint she needs her own sandbox.

'All I have to do is crouch down to play in this fun new space? Yesssss.'

Her dollies apparently enjoy playing in her baby potty just as much as Sam's litter box. Awesome.

This vertical leap has transferred to her outdoor explorations as well. Iyla now delights in practicing walking UP and DOWN hills, and is getting pretty darn good at it! She will announce "up!" as she leans forward and swings her arms for support, then make her "whoosh" sound for down as she carefully descends. She will take our hands initially on a new or extra steep hill, then let go as she gains confidence.

'I got this, Mama.'

Mastering the art of side-stepping

Iyla also climbed into our garden bed for the first time- slowly and methodically pulling herself up and beside the tomato cage. It is so cute to watch her explore- she isn't a kid who throws caution to the wind when learning a new physical feat; rather, she is caution itself personified.

Our sweet baby tomato, growing so well

The most heart stopping moment of the week? I was making breakfast, and Iyla had been silent a bit too long. At one point I had heard her briefly fuss as she often does if she has pulled a book down and I am not right there to read it. Suddenly I had a Mama Bear urge to go looking for her. Not finding her anywhere downstairs, I peeked up our staircase. And there at the very top stood Iyla Grace, looking down at me with a look of pure pride. She then quickly disappeared into her room and reappeared with her 2 pacis, which are only used for sleeping. Naughty!

"Oh hi Mama. Nothing to see here. Pacis!"

Iyla Grace: 2, Parents: 0

Slumbering soundly after an adventuresome day, one paci nestled to each side of her face

We now have a baby gate at the base of the stairs, and are on heightened alert at all times. Thankfully Iyla is still pretty slow and meticulous with her new skills, though I am quite sure there are bound to be many more adventures leading to parental heart attacks.

 Game on!

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