Wednesday, February 12, 2014

15 Months…and a Tooth!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 15 months old! I have been appreciating your amazingly sweet, gentle, giving nature this month. It is extra evident when we play with other little ones- you want to offer them your toys, check on them, give hugs, and are just so kind. Many little ones your age are in the 'me me me' stage and tend to push, pull, or even bite. Not you. You have such a loving heart, and I adore that about you.

How big?

15 month appointment stats:
*19 lbs, 9.2 ounces (10-25%)
*30 3/4 inches tall (50-75%)
*17 3/4 inch head circumference (25-50%)

And here you are next to Sam:

Here are a couple from last month I forgot to post (and just back-posted to your 14 month entry):

Words? You are adding new words to your repertoire on a daily basis! I would guess you have 40-50 sounds & words at this point. You love to point at everything around you and have us name it for you. This month's new words include: trees, cookies, eyes, bye bye, hi, butt, broc (for broccoli), knees, uh oh, and girl.

Sleep? You still take 2 naps/day, though I hear in the next few months that typically transitions to 1 big midday nap. We shall see! You definitely still are ready for a first rest around 10am, and a 2nd around 3pm- both anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. You go to bed around 7:30 and sleep through to 7, laying awake happy and quiet in there until 7:15-7:30!

*Note* The last two days you have fought your afternoon nap a bit by throwing your pacis out of the crib- then fussing a LOT when you wanted them back. Not fun for either of us, as I can tell it is a test to see "if I do THIS, will Mama come back?" Hoping that is a short lived phase!

Potty time? You are still going every morning & after each nap.

Food? You continue to be a great eater. You have been loving soups lately (very messy!) and also sautéed spinach. You are still taking your milk in bottles- which is something we'll need to adjust very soon (to straw sippy cups).

Teeth? You had a strange virus over the weekend that started with a vomiting episode and was followed by about 24 hours of a low grade fever with fatigue. You woke up yesterday totally back to your happy self- and lo and behold, as you were playing on our bed I noticed your gum line looked a little different. Upon further investigation, you have a little bump poking through! Your FIRST tooth! And true to your style, it isn't the 'typical' first tooth babies get on the bottom. Nope- your first tooth is on the upper left. So exciting!


*You are getting better at moving your body around- crouching and crawling to peek under things, lifting a leg to get into your wagon or off your little bike, and going up and down hills.

Crouching down at the Children's museum

*Trying to carry as many dolls and/or objects at once as possible! You practice stacking them in your arms, holding some with your chin, and grabbing more than one with a hand. Little multi-tasker!

*You have spoken a couple of 2 word phrases this month! I've heard "Hi baby,""Hi doggie," and "uh-oh baby."

Current likes:

*Practicing walking up and down hills

*Your dollhouse! This is your very favorite toy right now, and you love to arrange your dollies and babies inside it. You also love to play "knock knock" where I put a doll on one side of the door and you open it to reveal who is there.

*Going for walks by our house. You love to watch the kids play in the nearby baseball fields and wave to your shadow!

*Requesting videos. You will say "yayaya!" for video, then "go go!" for Frozen's "Let it Go"or "hap hap" while shaking your head side to side for "If You're Happy and You Know It". We did lots of video watching while you were under the weather this weekend.

Sweet video snuggles

*Talking about babies- all day every day.

*Swim lessons. We started the spring season with a new teacher- and all the other kids are younger babies! You are in heaven with the water & the little ones all around.

*Pointing out and naming facial features & body parts:




Belly button! (your favorite)

Current dislikes:

*The wind down to your nap. You typically start fussing when we walk in the door to your room, and only calm once you are having your milk.

*Diaper changes. You don't like to slow down and stop!

*Patience for food. When you are hungry, you get fussy and will cling to my legs calling "up up!" as I hustle to finish cooking.

Happy 15 months sweet girl! 
Here's wishing you another month filled with so much joy and learning. We adore you!

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