Wednesday, March 12, 2014

16 Months!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 16 months old! You seem to get smarter and more verbal every single day, and we are so enjoying watching the wonder that is YOU unfold.

This past week we've been in Wimberley for your 3rd year! The first year we didn't realize you were with us and got the surprise of our lives upon our return. You've been doing so well on this trip- sleeping soundly, playing happily, and up for our daily adventures in the car.

Our 2014 cottage behind you

The beautiful scene right behind the cottage

Here are your 16 month updates!

How big? Don't have official stats….so here you are perched next to Sam on our Wimberley cottage's ottoman:

Sleep? I toyed with the idea of using daylight savings as an excuse to transition you to one nap, since everything was pushed an hour later. I've been putting you down for your first nap around 10:45-11 these past few days- but you are definitely ready again around 4 for a 2nd little snooze!

Eating? You devoured the pasta marinara, shrimp, and green beans we ordered you at dinner tonight- likely because my cooking here in our tiny Wimberley cottage has much to be desired. ; ) You are still having bottles in the morning, before each nap, and at night- and I am in no immediate rush to wean those anytime soon.

Words? So many! You are starting to link 2 words together a lot more. "Get. Baby." - when you throw your dolly down a stair. "Sit. baby." "Little girl." You have also suddenly started signing "more" correctly and frequently, and are saying/signing "please" a lot upon request (usually after you whine for something or request "get!" or "more!" we ask you say please, and you smile and say/sign it).

Teeth? They are coming in fast and furious! I have confirmed the upper left and bottom right having fully broken through, and am pretty sure the tooth next to the new front tooth is going to pop out any day, as well as your other front tooth. I haven't noticed any more fussiness than usual from you- you appear to take teething totally in stride, thank goodness (so far!)

You can see your front tooth in this picture!

Potty time? Still the same per your norm (going when we sit you there in the morning & after naps)- though in the past month you have TOLD me you had to go a couple times by looking intently in my eyes and fussing, then leading me to your potty when I asked if you had to go. It's exciting to see you starting to connect the dots….

Current likes: 

*All babies all the time! You LOVE doll you have. You have what you call your "babies," your "dollies," and your "little girls." You also adore the books we have that pertain to babies & little children.

                                A couple of your little buddies                                       

*You still adore your books. You know them by title now, and will make the sounds or say one word of the title of whatever it is you want to read. If you really love the book, you will exclaim "agin!' when we finish it.

*Bringing me shoes to put on. You will find a matching pair and put them down by my feet, fussing until I finally put them on!

"Pull yourself together, Mama."

*Going for walks outside, preferably with a baby doll in each hand.

You love walking with your hands behind your back. Kills me every time!

*"Talking" about your favorite people. Without fail when we are having a bottle, you will suddenly start naming folks- then proceed through your entire list of loves!

Naming some of your friends

*Playing with friends

Neighbor Henley. You loved his water cup so much we got you one of your own!

You also met twins Harper & Tatum who live in Wimberley, and are having lots of fun spending afternoons at their beautiful property (with horses! And dollies!)

*Accessorizing. You love putting on a tiara or a hat, and also discovered the joys of 'wearing' my belt.

*"Hiding" your baby dolls and then finding them. This usually equates to you dropping the doll somewhere or placing it on a table or shelf- walking away with your hands behind your back saying "baby baby!" then walking back to the doll and screeching your excitement upon finding it again!

The poor Papa doll was dropped in the garbage

Found it!

Current dislikes:

*Being strapped into your car seat

*Getting clothes put on

*Being confined too long in any manner (through holding, a high chair, car seat, etc.)

Here are some more photos from your past month. We love you so much sweet girl- happy 16 months to you!

You climbed in this basket all by yourself and were very pleased about it

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