Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Haircut

Tonight, we said goodbye to Iyla's mullet. In one swift cut, that little curly tail was evicted to its memorial Ziploc bag:

Iyla actually looks really cute post cut. Admittedly I had a cocktail before doing the chop (it doesn't have to be totally even, does it?) and BC said it looked like she was now rocking the Posh Spice do.

So here you have it: photo evidence of Iyla's first haircut, March 25th 2014, at 16 months old:

I'm going to try to hold out on the bangs, opting for the swoop look and defaulting to barrettes when needed. 

Our baby girl is growing up!

1 comment:

  1. It's really cute!!! I had to laugh out loud that you had a cocktail before. Like getting the courage. NOW I'm ready!! Here her

    I've pondered cutting Evers bangs about 12 times this past week(hers don't do swoopy) but I think I need to forge on and wait for the length to be tucked behind her ear and see how it all grows before making any styling decisions.