Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vegas, Baby!

I am now in the less than two week countdown to my first official baby free vacation. It was a trip that fell into place quickly- then almost didn't happen.

BC was promoted earlier this year and with that promotion came a lot more travel. While in Wimberely he found out he needed to attend a week long conference in Vegas, and mentioned that maybe Iyla and I could join him. He thought we could enjoy the hotel, the pools, the sights, etc.

I was initially very excited and intrigued about this option, but something just didn't.feel.right. I googled the heck out of "things to do with a baby in Vegas" and realized that being there with Iyla would be a lot of work. BC would be in the conference all day every day and would also have to attend work dinners several nights. That would mean I'd be caring for Iyla all day every day on my own, in a city I've never been to that is known for its adult spoils.

I then surprised myself by wondering: "what if I joined BC by myself for a few nights?"

And was immediately terrified when BC responded with an enthusiastic 'YES!'

Wait- what?

Three nights away from my sweet baby who has never been without her Mama? Who would care for her? Would she be OK? Would I be OK? My Mommy Brain went into serious overdrive thinking through all the possible scenarios.

And then something surprising happened. My terror began to melt into genuine excitement. The prospect of joining BC just felt so right. We had been hoping to take our first solo trip this spring but weren't sure our budget would allow it. Then here came an opportunity where BC's airfare and hotel were already paid for, and all we'd have to take care of was my flight. Vegas isn't a place I would intrinsically choose to visit, but heck- how could we pass this up?

Feeling invigorated and hopeful, I started investigating care for Iyla.

We called BC's mom, who has always let us know how much she would LOVE to come stay with Iyla if we ever needed her. We were calling three weeks before the trip was set to happen, so I knew her being available with that short notice would be a huge stroke of luck. And indeed, she was already scheduled for Grandma duty that week in Colorado.

Then we called my parents- who live 2 hours away- to see if they'd be able to help out. I had expected hoped that would be a no-brainer, but unfortunately they too had a conflict that week. Now what?

Starting to feel a bit desperate, we reached out to our sweet nanny, only to learn she'd just started with another family on MWF. She did say she could help & stay nights and care for Iyla on two of the days we were away. Which still left us needing help for the other two days.

It was all starting to feel way too complicated and I allowed myself to mourn the fact that this trip I was SO READY FOR just might not happen. It was a huge "you're a parent now" slap in the face- that things no longer come as easily and spontaneously and require a lot of advance planning. Indeed, the old adage "It Takes a Village" had never felt more appropriate.

But what happens when your Village is already booked?

We had one last hope. I have an aunt and uncle here in town, who happened to be away on vacation while we were actively seeking Iyla care options. I had sent my aunt an email, not thinking there was a chance in H*** she'd be able to take time off and help since she is a high up at a local company and had just taken a week off for her trip.

When my aunt returned to town our MIRACLE of miracles happened. She expressed how genuinely EXCITED she was to have the opportunity to take Iyla. Her daughters (my cousins who are 19 and 26) would help out and they would all welcome her with open arms for the entire time we were away!

My Mommy Brain went crazy again as I thought through the change of sending Iyla somewhere else to stay vs. someone caring for her in her comforting, familiar home. The weight of wondering if Iyla would be scared staying somewhere new with people she doesn't actively know in her day to day life (but who will admittedly spoil and adore her).

And then I got over it.

The fact is that Iyla will grow and learn from this experience. She will be safe and loved. It will be an adventuresome vacation for her too (complete with 3 dogs!), and she might actually do better being outside of her own home while we are away, vs. wondering where we are in her regular environment.

Plus there is the modern miracle of FaceTime, which we plan to fully partake in.

The freak in me has already started compiling a gazillion lists about Iyla's food, schedule, language, games, etc. I've ordered a photo book of family pictures she can look through and be comforted by. Worrying and planning as only a Mama can do.

Then the belly tickles set in as I start thinking about the trip itself….how I will have 2 luxurious days ALL BY MYSELF while BC is at the conference. I can go to the pools, shop, blog, and work as needed. I can sleep in and take naps. Glam myself up nightly for consecutive date nights with BC, and fully appreciate the precious couple time we'll have to reconnect and relax.

So here's to new adventures for the entire family- and extreme gratitude to my aunt for making this possible!

Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. Jealous and nervous for you all at the same time! I hope you enjoy your first baby free vacation, sounds fantastic!!!