Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Kid Has a Mullet

Iyla Grace's hair has been growing a lot lately, leaving her with a big curly party in the back and bang wisps in her eyes.

Basically the quintessential baby mullet.

It seems to be all the rage with the toddler crowd these days, and a necessary rite of passage.

This recent development has seen me googling "when to cut your baby's mullet." And surprisingly, I am not the first parent to have this dilemma. There were endless threads for me to peruse, complete with photo documentation of all sorts of creative mullet formations.

BC is all in- saying to me "I'd cut it today if you'd let me!" Upon pressing further, his reasoning was for 'aesthetics.'

I myself am on the fence. On some days the mullet curl spreads out into a glorious little fluff. On other days it resembles more of a bad a** rock n roll Mohawk. It gives character, uniqueness, flair.

I now bring you a day in the life of Iyla's mullet:

Mullet on the potty

Mullet by the tub

Mullet shining in the sunlight

It truly has become a part of the family.

One thing I DO know? If I decide to make the chop, that mullet curl will be placed in a Ziploc bag and affixed to Iyla's baby book for historical record keeping. Cause that's how I roll.

Stay tuned…

I have no idea where she gets her style from


  1. We were dealing with not so much mullet as shaggy the dog - worlds straightest hair growing down the front of the face. I finally bit the bullet and did the first haircut is adorable - but instant toddler. My baby is not a baby any more. My vote - put it off as long as you can!!!

  2. My vote is CUT IT! You can tell the mamas at the playground who are keeping their kids hair long because of the cute baby curls that they are sure will disappear after they cut it...but that's exactly what it looks like, a kid in need of a haircut! Cut the mullet! =) When the front catches up then you can start to let it grow, but keep it even ;-)