Thursday, March 20, 2014


I have observed that as bloggers' kids get older, their blog entries tend to decrease in a direct correlation to the age of the child. I too am now falling into this category, as the last two months I've only managed to squeak out entries about Iyla's monthly milestones. And writing those was like pulling teeth.

My excuse?


A very full, busy life. In all good ways.

Work has picked up a lot, and I am feeling totally ready to embrace it. It makes me feel like me again- the ME I was pre-baby. I feel productive, inspired, challenged, rewarded. I am slowly chipping away at the debt that has accrued in the past year, and am ready to fully manifest my 2014 mantra: Balanced, Inspiring/Inspired Abundance. The entry I wrote back in October about missing ME was definitely a tough time (possibly my lowest point post baby thus far), and I am oh so grateful to be coming up on the sunny side of things now!

My current challenge is finding more hours of care for Iyla in order to effectively increase my work. So far I am managing with my 15 or so nanny hours/week, but I am very seriously considering- come Iyla's 18 month marker- looking into a 5 day 1/2 day school option for her. There is a local Montessori school that has an 8:30-12:30 Monday through Friday program that I think Iyla would really enjoy. The catch is I need to have her transitioned to one nap/day before she will be able to survive it!

In addition to work picking up, I've been studying for my Broker's license every spare moment I have in order to take over as the Managing Broker for my company. My current Brokers approached me about this a couple of months ago, offering to pay for my broker classes, test, & license- and it was too sweet of a deal to pass up. There is an ethical clause where -as the Managing Broker -you cannot do transactions with another agent from your company. Due to the fact that I have cut back on the business I'm taking on I have the least likely possibility for this to be an issue, hence my current Brokers asking me to step up into this position.

Iyla Grace is also keeping me completely busy every minute I am with her. She is NOT a kiddo who allows me to be on my computer while she plays nearby. Our cottage in Wimberley was a nice exception to this; it had a TV in the living room, and I took home the Mother of the Year award as I allowed Iyla to watch a LOT of vacation cartoons while I work work worked (I got 2 buyers under contract while we were away that week, it was a bit crazy!). I did appreciate having that crutch option while there, but here in the real world our TV rests in the off position up on our 3rd floor and I feverishly cram my non-nanny day work into Iyla's nap times. I have to be super conscious about how much work I take on- making sure I can absolutely take full care of each client I handle. Hence my desire to increase Iyla's care to be able to take on more business.

I am really loving the creative, productive pulse running through my veins these days. I am feeling more and more whole unto myself post baby and appreciating that Iyla is now at an independent age where I am OK with her being away from me for longer stretches of time. She is learning and growing so much from being with others, just as I am learning and growing through rediscovering who I am apart from her. It is definitely a sweet spot to be in.

This face! My sweet independent love.

And? I've booked my first vacation sans baby, joining BC on his Vegas business trip in TWO WEEKS! Admittedly I was a bit terrified at first at the prospect of leaving Iyla, but now I am mostly just over the top GIDDY. Three whole days and nights not having to cook or clean or change diapers? Breakfast in bed and pools and quiet and dinners with my love? Yes PLEASE.

 More to come on that in a future post (I hope… !)

****On a lovely side note, it was 2 years ago TODAY that we found out we were expecting our precious miracle baby! What an incredible day that was.*****


  1. When you say parents of older kids tend to blog less and less....are you referencing ME? Hee! There's also something else that happens as the kids grow up - feeling more aware of their own rights to privacy. I'm doing a lot of thinking on that these days.

  2. I love that little face! Too cute the smile with the eyes closed. What an amazing past 2 years. It goes way too fast!