Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Child is This?

BC and I have been pinching ourselves for about a month straight now. It seems that about the same time that Iyla went through her sleep regression, someone replaced our clingy doesn't-like-to-socialize toddler with a new much more social one. One who is curious, engaging, and seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with others. One who -at a small gathering last night- said to me while we were alone in another room: "let's go see everyone!"

Who is this child?

We are loving it to say the least. Watching Iyla interact with the world with confidence & joy just melts our hearts. For so long we were constantly nervous about having company over or bringing Iyla out where she'd have to meet new people, due to the very likely outcome of tantrums & extreme clinging. We thought it was just her introverted personality and admittedly, being the first time Mama that I am, I worried that maybe something was wrong with her socially- though socializing more just seemed to exacerbate the negative behaviors.

I needn't have worried.

It appears that all of those behaviors may have been a prolonged attachment period coupled with pretty strong separation anxiety. From that attached cocoon the most confident, charismatic little butterfly has emerged, ready to fully spread her wings. Iyla is definitely still an observer- an introvert at heart, but her recent transformation is nothing less than extraordinary to us. We hope it sticks around for awhile!


  1. I absolutely adore watching molly interact with other kids. My only she's comfortable wait for the being influenced!! Our babies love older girls and tend to follow their lead forgetting the behaviors we've instilled in attempts to impress. Cute but infuriating!!!

  2. What a cutie! Paxlet is still a bit cautious with adults when he first meets them, but let him warm up a bit and he won't stop chattering. :) All kids are different. And it is truly is amazing watching them interact with others or even learning to get along with themselves!! Aaah, the few minutes of uninterrupted time to get dinner made.